Simple Ways to Jumpstart Your Day and Have a Better Morning

If you’re anything like me, too many of your mornings begin reading e-mails through half-open eyes before getting out of bed. Still hanging on to the last minutes of sleep, your brain immediately starts planning and thinking about the day ahead.

Your mood turns from peaceful to grumpy at the prospect of trading in a warm bed for a stressful day. With a morning routine like this, it is no wonder so many of us tensely grip our coffee mugs and roll our eyes when we hear the phrase “morning person.”

morning person

The first hour that you are awake sets the foundation for the day to come. Waking up on the right side of the bed every morning is not a happy accident – it’s a matter of practice and habit. Luckily, you don’t have to completely overhaul your morning routine or spend a lot of extra time to start every day right. By dedicating just a few minutes to yourself each morning, you can greet each day with energy, optimism, and clarity.

Read on for simple suggestions to transform your morning routine from a necessary evil to a valued and fruitful part of your day. Incorporating just one or two of these practices into your morning will help you energize your mind and body and make every day a great one.

Make the first 20 minutes screen-free

If you can resist the urge to check e-mails or social media for at least twenty minutes, your morning is already on the right track. So much of our day is spent looking at a screen, reducing our world to the area in front of noses. Spending at least twenty minutes in the morning on tasks outside of a screen helps you stay focused and pay attention to the world around you throughout the day.

Move your Body

Spending several hours inactive in bed can make even the healthiest bodies sluggish and stiff. Your body enters a state of dormancy while you sleep so your organs, joints, and muscles can rest and rejuvenate. Simply stretching or completing a light workout in the morning helps signal to your body that it is time to be active. Warming up your joints and getting your blood flowing in the morning helps you get energized quickly, so you are ready to tackle whatever the day may bring.

Catch some rays

Spending a few minutes exposed to sunlight in the morning signals to your brain that it is time to wake up. It can even help you sleep at night. Light is the most important factor in regulating the clock in your brain that your sleep cycle. Exposing your brain to sunlight in the morning resets your internal clock so that it stays on schedule. As a bonus, exposure to early morning light has been linked to lower appetite and lower body weight, regardless of sleep habits.

Drink Water

Most adults do not drink enough water. Starting your day with a big glass helps to hydrate you after a long night spent without water. For added benefits, try the traditional Ayurvedic practice of adding lemon and honey to hot water. This energizing, delicious morning drink helps stimulate your digestion, jumpstart your immune system, and purify your liver.

Clear your Mind

Practicing meditation and mindfulness doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and the benefits are significant. Morning meditation helps you start your day feeling optimistic and content, and it helps you combat stress throughout your day. The easiest way to clear your mind is to simply close your eyes and tune into your breath and body, letting your thoughts drift out of your mind. You can practice this method for just a few seconds up to several minutes to help you feel grounded and calm.

If sitting meditation is not for you, a short morning walk can also help you start the day relaxed with a clear mind. With the added benefits of movement and sunlight, walking in the morning jumpstarts your body as well as your mind.

Keep a Morning Journal

Anyone who has ever woken up with the answer to yesterday’s question on the tip of her tongue knows that your mind is still working while you sleep. The thoughts that surface while your conscious mind sleeps can offer clarity and new perspectives to problems that seem overwhelming during the day. Picking up a pen and writing whatever comes into your mind in the morning is a great way to capture and sort your thoughts, record your dreams, and start your day with a dose of creativity.

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