How Internet Is Changing The World

The Internet had changed the world. Not only the way in which we communicate, but also in the way we learn, inform ourselves and relate to each other. Few inventions throughout the history of humanity have marked a before and after as did the Internet with its arrival in 1969 as ARPANET and the World Wide Web in the 90s.

We can speak of a before and after the invention of writing (so much so that it marks the beginning of History four millennia ago), of the printing press, of electricity … and of the Internet. Why? Because all these inventions modified the status quo and the way of living. But more importantly, because most of them refer to the access and dissemination of information.

Nowadays, consumers are much more skeptical and are accustomed to research before making a purchase; In fact, 7 out of 10 customers consult the Web before buying. So if you do not find your company’s website in Google results, it’s likely that it will never reach it.

It’s almost as if you did not exist. Today’s world is of technology all you need is now a mobile phone and that’s it you have whole information in this you can find some of the best technology products here at Ten Besties.

Even in the internet world, there are some peoples who refuse to accept these changes. On the other hand, social networks have provided an efficient and immediate channel to answer questions, complaints, and suggestions.

And by staying away from them you are not only giving your competitors an advantage, but also missing a great opportunity to hear what your customers really want (to satisfy them) and get ideas to improve your business, and why not ? Start selling them with one click.

And not only that; but also the Internet offers innumerable possibilities to do and boost business. Gone are the times when the image of the successful entrepreneur was one that founded great empires through the use and exploitation of natural resources, such as grains and non-renewable energy such as oil. Today, the most admirable entrepreneur is a geek who founds a startup millionaire in the garage of his house; the examples are not missing: there are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergei Brin, Steve Jobs, Jimmy Wales, Steve Wozniak, among many others.

The Internet can seem like a threatening, uncontrolled platform and so broad that it will always be impossible for us to understand and dominate. But it is there where its own charm resides. On the Internet there are no laws or absolutist kings; each day advances, trends are modified and hundreds of applications, social networks, and operating systems emerge. It is impossible to go along with its growth, but even more impossible is to deny it.

Working directly on and with the Web is very challenging, although some judge, incorrectly, as an easy task.

Every day you learn something and you have to invent new ways of surprising a user who receives hundreds and hundreds of messages every second; we have to struggle with technological deficiencies (more unpredictable than human ones), with updates in the algorithms of Google and Facebook, with limited budgets and with the distrust that some still have towards the only completely free means. Being in this world is exciting and overwhelming.

There are no delivery dates or closing times because we are always open. We do not depend on the paper or the distributors or the radio signals and we can correct our mistakes instantly and be completely transparent with the readers: online “I was wrong” has a solution.

The Internet is what defines this era. This is where, without a doubt, technology will be an agent of change relevant to current and future work environments. The Internet has generated such rapid changes that I believe that we are still capable of assimilating its great transcendence. Thanks to the Internet, we can experience that the World is a global community, in which we are all connected and that we can relate instantly.

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