Indian Wedding Dresses

An Indian Wedding Dresses presumably known as the “fat Indian wedding” has a lot of importance in the lives of the people who are about to get hitched and their families, especially the girl. The girl wants it to be perfect and to be awesome.

The girls in India dream all their lives about getting married in a fairy tale way and how impeccable they want to look and stand out. They want it to be their day and want to look ravishing. They want to shine and shimmer and want to remember this journey and clothes shopping for an Indian Wedding Dresses can be tiresome but is worth all the excitement and nerve juggling especially for the bride.

The Indian 2017 wedding trends these days usually consist of a number of functions such as Sangeet, Mehendi, cocktail parties, Haldi ka Rasam, then the wedding, and finally the reception.

For each of these occasions, a bride requires to be amazingly and dazzlingly dressed, that is when Indian wedding dresses come into the spotlight and are of huge importance to the bride.

These days for each of these festivity the bride wants a new dress. Mostly for these occasions an ethnic sari or lehngas. Mostly the bridal clothes are in vibrant and rich colors such as pink, orange, maroon, red, and green as well.

Women these days wear saris on their wedding and an ensemble lehnga on their reception. These saris come in varieties such as in zari and Kundan and with a lot of embroidery work.

The bridal saris can be banarasi, silk, Rajasthan work, and bandhani. Saris are basically traditional and families love it when the bride wears it and it just gives an extra ounce of dignity and makes you look beautiful, elegant, poised, and hold your ground with panache. They say it adds an oomph factor and gives an extra glow on the bride’s face. They prefer to look outstanding as it is their day, with proper jewelry, makeup, and accessories it is the right way to go and look simply great and magnificent.

The lehengas are also stated as ghagra choli and are basically three pieces of garments, the top which can either be short above the belly or cover it up, it can be modern or traditional (read ethnic) then the skirt which is either in A-Cut or just skimpy and is body-hugging and it is not preferred frilly, the skirt is always with embroidery, mirror work, share or beads or rhinestones, etc.

The last piece is the debate which can be draped from the shoulders or in any suitable way the bride wants these ensembles and completes the look and well doesn’t forget the jewelry and accessories. They are worn either on the reception or in Sangeet and Mehendi.

With the world having new designs every day, it has become very easy to choose and select from the wide variety of options and the bride just needs to know what she wants and should be ready to crane and look for her design and color. Bridal clothes today can be viewed both online and at shops which make it easier and as well as gives more options.

As they say that the wedding is the most important day for the bride and she wants to look her best, today with so many new outlets it is possible, you just have to have the patience and the zeal to look through and find something breathe taking which will make you look shining and the bride will cherish this day all her life

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