How to Write on A PDF

Writing on a pdf is quite tricky, but some tools are free that you can use and make your pdf attractive. how to write on a pdf is accessible by using this online tool and easily edit the pdf.

In 1992 adobe created the portable document format file now commonly known as the pdf.

If you one time create any pdf, you can’t change the pdf file, but some online software is available to change the document.

Now a lot of people are making the document as pdf and share with other people.

Most people make their courses and make pdf and sell to other people and make money through pdf.

When you make pdf, you can’t edit, but some are available on the internet to write on pdf.

Sometimes when you make a pdf, you can’t edit, but you want to add some on that pdf, then you can write so how to write on pdf by using this online way because all detailed information is given in the article.

See below the best software to How To Write On A PDF.

1. Smallpdf

Small pdf is the online tool available on google. You can edit your pdf file.

It’s available online, and it’s free. It is a significant advantage. It edits your pdf very quickly and within a few seconds.

how to write on a pdf by using pdf is given below step by step

Step 1. go on google and type the Smallpdf and search there. You got the first website open it.

Step 2. then access the pdf and click on the edit pdf it shows below.

Step 3. then edit the tool

Step 4. dreg and drop the pdf and edit and add them and write in your pdf.

Step 5. in that one option is there that is the add text option click on that and add the text and size, the font you can change quickly.

Step 6. after doing your work, click on the finish button and download your pdf file

By using this tool, you can edit them all pdf.


2. EasePDF

EasePDF is also an online tool its also available on google no need to pay. It’s free.

Its one of the best tools and many tools are available; you can change or write on pdf very quickly.

Ease pdf is one of the best tools, and also use this, so I recommend you to use this tool to write on pdf.

So how you can use this tool? See this step by step guide.

Step 1. you search on google EasePDF, and you get it

Step 2. after that, you can see the edit option

Step 3. then you can edit your pdf file, and you want to write then add the text. Other features are also available.

Step 4. upload your pdf and write on pdf

Step 5. by using this online tool, you can edit the pdf easily.

Step 6. after the finish, you can download your edit file.


3. Google Docs

Google Docs is another tool in that you can write on the pdf and edit the pdf also.

in Google Docs, lots of features available all type of format are accepted in the Google Docs

how to write on a pdf in Google Docs

Step 1. go to google docs, and to use this, you need to google account

Step 2. upload your file in the google docs and the right corner; there is the upload button option. You can upload the file from there. If your document is on my drive, then you can use this to edit the pdf.

Step 3. after the uploading file, you have one option see the open with google docs

Step 4. after opening in google docs, you can easily edit your file and quickly write on your pdf.

Step 5. after that, save the file and download it.


4. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is paid tool one free also available, but most of the feature is not available.

In the pro feature, lots of parts are available.

Step 1. click on Adobe Acrobat Pro DC if this available on your c; if not available, then download first

Step 2. open the file and find your pdf on your device

Step 3. click on after that edit pdf

Step 4. in the upper side, add text option is thereby using this you can write on pdf

Step 5. after that, save the pdf and download the file.


5. Preview (Mac)

Preview (Mac) is available for only mac user. If you are using the mac, then use this pdf editor.

Step 1. open the pdf that you want to edit the pdf.

Step 2. in the app option is thereby using this you can edit the pdf

Step 3. you can edit the pdf, and you want to add text, then add a text box.

Step 4. then save the pdf and download it.


Final Words

How to write on a pdf quite complicated, but you can easily edit the pdf and download it.

In the article best how to write on a pdf, all free tools are given, and how to use it, all information is provided.

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