How to use PSVR on PC

Are you looking for ways on how to use PSVR on PC? Well, then you are in the right place.

PSVR (PlayStation Virtual Reality) is a type of headset that gives you an experience of real virtuality with its high-end technology. Sony Interactive Entertainment develops it. 

It is one of the most famous headsets in the VR world. It has a collection of a variety of excellent video games.

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VR games are better experienced with the VR headset. The players who are wearing the VR headset play differently than those without the headset.

The PSVR works best on PS-4 ( PlayStation 4). It is also compatible with PlayStation 5 home video game console. The headset has a tremendous audio-visual effect. Thus giving the users a reality check. You experience as if you are right there, present in your game physically.

The PSVR is one of the most inexpensive virtual reality headsets available in the market. The technology is technically intended to work with PS 4; you can make it work on your very own PC and experience the riches of VR; all you have to do is follow these simple, easy-going steps.

How yo use PSVR on PC

Steps to use PSVR on PC

Step 1: Install Trinus PSVR Firstly, you have to visit the Trinus website and click on the download button to download the installer on your PC. It is an app that allows your pc and PSVR headset to function in a synchronized manner.

Step 2: Launch the Trinus installer and start following the on-screen instructions displayed on your PC to install the software.

Step 3: After Trinus PSVR is installed, the next thing you have to do is connect your headset and adjust the resolution settings to make sure your display output is matched.

Step 4: Now plug the HDMI cable into the PS 4 HDMI slot on the PSVR processing unit.

Step 5: Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into your PC. If you have only display posts available, you can use an adapter.

Step 6: Plug one end of the USB cable into the processing unit and the other ends to the PC.

Step 7: Plug the PSVR headset into the processing unit.

Step 8: Now, lastly, the power cable to the power source or the power outlet.

Step 9: Switch on the power. The PC will recognize the headset as a second display.

Step 10: Go to the settings of your PC 

Settings> Display settings> Multiple display> Extend display>

Step 11: Under resolution settings, select resolution between 1920 ×1080.

Your PSVR is now connected to your PC; it’s time to check the Trinus PSVR and start playing your favourite VR games on your PC

Step 12: Click onto the Trinus PSVR from the navigation bar or the desktop and run the application with a right-click. Click on the Install button, which will automatically install the application onto your PC.

Step 13: Click the main menu bar next to the PSVR display mad and select display 1. Then click on the drop-down menu next to PSVR mode and select VR. Select the gaming mode of your choice.

Step 14: There are no cameras to capture your movement information. You can zoom in while playing with the help of your mouse wheel. Your PSVR should always be on a flat surface.

Step 15: Run the administrator. Click accordingly, Room setup> Standing only> Next> Calibrate Centre> Next> Enter your height> Calibrate Floor> Next>

And it’s done finally.

Now you can start playing.

That’s all you have to do to install and use PSVR on PC. You may experience the best if operated on a PC, but you have to compromise on something to get something. Your PC should have enough slots or ports to connect the VR headset.

What is needed in your PC for the above set-up

● GTX 1060 video card

● Intel Core i7 processor

● HDMI or display port input


PSVR is a game for which you need free space around you. The game gives you a feeling that you are present in the game physically. This the best thing about it. And is the reason why it has become a craze among youth and technology lovers.

It would help if you had a gaming PC with a GTX 1060 video card; it should also have good RAM, maybe around least 8 GB, an Intel core i7 processor.

Technology has led to the invention of things that give you a real-life experience in the gaming zone. So if you have this Trinus PSVR software on your computer or PC, you can use PSVR on PC.

This Trinus PSVR software allows you to get engrossed in the game zone by making you feel part of the game.

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