How to Use a Network Cable Tester

Thanks to technology that we use networks anywhere everywhere we want. In our mobile, the home network is there with us. Without it, I think the world will be blind. There are two types of networks, one is wired and other is a wireless network. Among them, the wired network is strong, fast and reasonable in price. There will be no problem of hacking in the wired network. But one problem with the wired network is that the troubleshoot gets difficult when it stops working. To make it work you will need a network cable tester. This tester works with cables stability to make sure the signal is getting in and removing the connectivity issue when the troubleshooting occurs. So you have to work with how to use the best network cable tester.

The basics of Network Cable Tester:

The network cable tester is the handheld the electrical device. It works to verify the cable connection network. The network is important as it helps to transmit data electronically. Electricity needs a nonstop connection. But if the wiring has breaks than the cable network will stop functioning. Sometimes for the cross wiring, the internal wires are making the wrong connection and this causes a short circuit.

You will find the tester in different shapes and size. The functions come with multiple testers. The device also works with battery power. You will use this device for cross wire and protection loss. It is very easy to use. This tester has two designs – tester and remote. The testing ports are BNC and USB, RJ-11, RJ-45.

There are two types of network cable testers: twisted pair and coaxial. The coaxial cable is for cable TV that works with single protected conductor and helps to run it down through the center cable. The twisted pair works with multiple pair wires.

Usage of the network cable tester:

When you are using a cable tester, remember not to connect with the live circuit. When you are connecting the tester, you have to remove all the cable from the modem, router. You will need two things to test with, one is a tester and the other one is remote. Just plug the tester and connect the remote. Now the question is when you have to use this tester? It is then when you want to test your network cable. Making the tester ready for work:

  1. Test the selected cable. When you are testing it, make sure it is unplugged especially from an electrical source. Also, prevent any tangle in the cable when you are testing the connection. This makes the connection false and problematic.
  2. You have to check the cable if it is damaged, torn or broken, if yes it has to be replaced.
  3. The connection of this tester is by plugging the network cable into the port and other port to the remote.

As the cable is ready to test now the main function begins. This cable tester mainly calculates the performance of the network speed.  If the performance is poor than it leaves an effect on the cable like it gets damaged, network disruption and poor internet. With the cable tester, many problems can be solved easily. Your time will be saved when you are dealing with hardware and software solution.

When you are going to use this network cable tester than follow the steps for a better result:

  • Connectivity:

While purchasing the cable tester device it is obvious that you will get different shapes and forms. This device comes with two boxes – receiver and transmitter. For testing the network a plug is required. This will work as a connector between the transmitter and receiver. Make the connection strong and properly plugged.

  • Starting test:

After confirming the connectivity, the network cable tester is ready to make test. A signal will send through the one box from the other box when the device starts it work. This signal works like a message in the network system. You have to keep the tester device connected perfectly when you are working with it or else your test work will go in vain.

  • Report test:

When the signal message is transferring from one cable end to another end than this device is working in checking the fault and the transmitting system. When the transmitting is not done properly then the device will give red light that there is something wrong. When the data transfer is going great than the device will show you a green light.

  • A solution to the problem:

The two light reading red and green gives you the result of the data transfer. This signal helps to understand the problem and solution. When you know the problem, then it is easy to get the solution. After the solution, you can put away the device in a safe place.

This network cable tester sometimes gets tough to maintain. But if you can handle it with technique, then your work will get easy. I think you have enough knowledge about how to use network cable tester. This tester device works well in checking network transfer. A cable tester can experiment whether a wire or cable is set up correctly, linked correctly, and the message strength between the foundation and destination. Your connection between server and computer will be strong and smooth for this network cable tester. You will not experience a complicated network for this device. If your work is with the network than own a network cable tester and enjoy a smooth connectivity.

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