How to Tell the Signs you are Harassed at Work?

Harassed at Work, how to tell if you are Harassed at Work. teach others on what to do when they are Harassed at Work

How to tell if you are being harassed at work? There are sure unmistakable signs that will let you know if you are being harassed on your job without a shadow of a doubt. The term harassment is not confined to only one aspect of harassment. Harassment covers a large area that you might not be aware of. While sexual harassment is one aspect of harassment, so is Bullying.

Harassed at Work

If you are the new person at your job and are mistreated by your peers and supervisors, you might be a victim of workplace harassment or Bullying. Believe it or not, you may be exhibiting signs of harassment that you might be viewed as an illness or a sickness. Harassment can make you sick if you do not deal with it. Sexual harassment is a widespread epidemic among both men and women. For years women were the target of men’s unwanted gestures and touches in the workplace.

Now it seems that men are the victims at their workplace as well. They, too, are being targeted, touched, and forced to perform sexually if they want to keep their job. This type of harassment is illegal and unfair. No one should have to submit to the sexual gratification of another person, just for the privilege of working. Many companies have enforced strict workplace policies, which prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. Employees and others who are victims of such harassment can report their suitors to the proper departmental heads.

Over the years, laws have been passed to protect women and men from such advances. But unfortunately, it seems that another type of harassment is spreading in the workplace just as quickly. So is Bullying in the workplace? Bullying is considered harassment.

Forbes Magazine lists at least 10 signs for you to evaluate to determine if you are being harassed at work.

  • If you feel anxious the night before you start your long weekend and want to throw up, use this as your warning sign. The thought of going to a place where torment and pain await is not something anyone looks forward to.
  • Being singled out at work, even though your work is beyond average. Bosses who like to show control usually find someone they consider weak and prey on their emotions. They make a spectacle out of them in front of everyone. If this is happening to you, there are people you can report this type of behavior to.
  • If you are being yelled at, called unpleasant names, and constantly criticized and humiliated in front of crowds of people, you need to take action.
  • Isolation is another form of harassment. If you are not invited to meetings, your items on your desk are moved, or you are not invited to lunches or meetings, this is another sign.
  • If your work is always in question or sabotaged by last-minute changes or instant rule changes, this is harassment. All companies should send out a memo about recent or upcoming changes to all employees. Everyone should know about pieces of training, meetings, and workshops in advance, not the day of or the day after.
  • Suppose your boss constantly changes your work schedule, which conflicts with your days off. Once you have worked your required number of hours, and if your work is up to date, complete, and not lacking any substance, there is no reason for erratic schedule changes.

Many supervisors harass their victims into quitting their jobs; this way, they don’t have to pay workers’ compensation. You can always document what is being done to you. Keep a list of mistreatments and inappropriate actions and insults conferred against you in the workplace.

Here is a list of signs and symptoms that may help you determine if you are Harassed at Work.

  • Causes you physical or emotional damage
  • Causes you to deal with unwanted behaviors and unwanted desired
  • If you are singled out, only to be picked on or humiliated.
  • Harassment brings on stress at home and work. You are experiencing sleepless nights and feelings of guilt.
  • You are treated suspiciously by staff or are forced to work in a hostile environment.

Remember that The employer has the responsibility and obligation to assure each employee the following:

• Information, education, and training for all employees and especially those employees in a supervisory position, on workplace harassment

• Stop all incidents of reported harassment and correct behaviors

• The employer must initiate a policy and procedure about workplace harassment

• Outline investigative procedures of workplace harassment

• Stop any retaliations

• Make the harassment laws available to all employees

Workplace harassment can be confused with other issues such as:

• Rudeness

• Insensitivity towards employees

• Discourtesies

• Episodes of teasing an employee

• One isolated inappropriate comment to an employee

Employees have a responsibility to their workplace for the following:

• Demeaning behaviors

• Disrespectfulness towards supervisors and co-workers

• All employees need to know that co-workers and supervisors make take remarks, gestures, and behaviors in different ways, either acceptable or unacceptable. Employees need to be appropriate at all times

• Employees have the responsibility to walk in the other person’s shoes and how they would feel if Who turned the tables

• To avoid superior or a mightier than thou attitude towards peers

Being bullied at work is no easy feat; it is not a rite of passage, and no sane adult should accept being bullied at work without standing up to workplace bullying. So stand up and stop being bullied at work now!

If you are experiencing signs of sexual harassment at work or harassed at work for no reason, don’t take it lying down, talk to your manager or supervisor and make it known you don’t accept being harassed at work; standing up does wonders.

Spread the word on the signs of being Harassed at Work and go below and tell us of your experiences with Work Bullying? Did you face work bullying? How did it make you feel?

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