How To Take A Screenshot From Android

how to take a screenshot from android

Taking a screenshot is easy, but many people don’t know how to take a screenshot from android because most mobile or handset has different settings and some other advanced option.

So here you can get all device information on how to take a screenshot from android.

Taking a screenshot is necessary if you want to save it on your mobile phone, but many people are don’t know how to take a screenshot from android.

Differ phone have a different setting to take a screenshot. Each phone has another type or button to take the screenshot.

Different methods for the various phone are listed below. You can choose according to your phone and follow the step for this mobile.

The standard way to take an Android screenshot

Android phones have only one way mainly used, and the device set the default as taking a screenshot.

Use the volume button and lock button press at the same time and take the screenshot.

For more help, you can use google assistant to help you with the how-to take screenshot.

This is common for all because most of the android device is set as default this method.

How to take a screenshot with android: Samsung devices

Samsung device has many methods to take a screenshot in that see below one by one.

a) S Pen

You can use the s pen, and you can take a screenshot for this; you need to pull out the s pen and launch the air command, then select the screen to write.

When you take the screenshot, they suddenly ask the save, so you need to keep it suddenly or edit; otherwise, it will not save.

b) Palm swipe

It’s a straightforward method to take a screenshot. You can go to the mobile setting and then add the additional advanced feature.

To take a screenshot, you can place your hand vertically and swipe up.

After that, you see the notification of taking a screenshot.

c) Smart Capture

Intelligent capture allows you to grab all web pages rather than only just a screen.

Taking regular screenshots is effective on this method.

d) Smart Select

Smart select allows you to capture the specific part like you want to take screenshot square, rectangle, and oval-shaped depends on you.

If you want to take a screenshot of a specific part, you can use this smart select. 3.

How to take screenshots on Android: Xiaomi devices

Xiaomi device gives you some advanced features to the screenshot in the Xiaomi there are three methods.

Method 1. Notification Shade

in the Xiaomi device, they five a screenshot option on the notification shade.

Method 2. three-finger swipe

from any phone of the Xiaomi, you can swipe your three-finger up to the bottom and take screenshots easily.

Method 3. Use the quick ball

In the Xiaomi device like iPhone, the one advanced option is there that is a quick ball.

You need to go to Xiaomi setting and activate it.

How to take screenshots on Android: Huawei devices

Huawei devices provide the same default option as android.

In the Huawei mobile one is the motion control screenshot.

You can only move your mobile, and quickly screenshot is taken by mobile.

How To Take A Screenshot From Android: Motorola devices

Motorola device is straightforward and clean, and their interface was so easy to handle. Motorola provides you the only option to use the volume and power button to take a screenshot.

How to take screenshots on Android: Sony devices

If you are using the sony device, then you can press the power button long time.

And wait for a few seconds, they show two options one is to edit, and the other is the save.

How to take screenshots on Android: LG devices

In the LG device, many advanced options are given by the LG device. One is the capture+, and the other is motion.

How to take screenshots on Android: OnePlus devices

Use the volume and power button to take a screenshot in the one plus you can press both buttons at the same time and hold some seconds.

Third-party apps

If you don’t like the mobile device default setting of taking a screenshot, you can use the third-party apps.

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Third-party apps are available on the play store like screenshot easy and super screenshot you can use anyone.

Final Words

How To Take A Screenshot From Android is all information is given in the article on how to take a screenshot on a different device is provided in the report.


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