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Reset Password

An Internet or computer user may have many reasons for wanting to learn how to reset password. First, resetting one’s Password every few months is an excellent security method. Hackers and virus creators sometimes scour the Internet, hoping that they will uncover a user’s Password.

Therefore, frequent password resets are common practice. A person may want to learn how to reset a password to protect their account from a spouse or mate, as well. Many spouses and mates log into their loved one’s accounts to view their activity. A good password reset is a perfect solution for a privacy violation.

Sometimes, people legitimately forget their passwords. The one they set may have been too complex for their minds to remember. They may not have visited a website in many months or years.

In such a case, a password reset will be necessary to regain access to the site. Passwords are necessary for access to email accounts, social media sites, computers, and cloud-based applications. The following describes some procedures for resetting various important passwords.

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The first step in resetting a yahoo password is visiting the site. The person can go to and then click “my yahoo” to log in. If the person has forgotten their Password, they can click “I can’t access my account” to recover the information. The link will give the user three options.

The person can select “I forgot my yahoo ID” if they have no recollection of the User ID. The individual can click “My account may have been compromised” if some tampering may have occurred. The “I have a problem with my password” choice will bring the person to a screen that will help them reset their Password.

The first step that the person will have to take is entering a User ID. Next, the screen will allow the person to choose where to send passwords to reset information. The user can pick the cell phone number or email address that Yahoo has on file. The individual will then log into the email address and retrieve instructions on how to perform the Yahoo password reset.

How to Reset Gmail Password

The Gmail password reset may be necessary if a person has forgotten their Password or if the individual wants to maintain a high level of account security. A person who already has access to the account can initiate a Gmail password reset by clicking on the Settings icon and clicking on “Accounts and Import.” Next, the person will click “change password” and begin the Gmail reset password procedure.

A person who cannot remember their Password will have to select the “need help” option and then choose a specific problem. Gmail gives a user three options. The user can choose “I don’t know my password,” “I don’t know my User ID,” or “I have other problems signing in.” The person who chooses the password option will have to enter the User ID and select “continue.”

The system will give the person a chance to enter the Password that they last remember. The person will also have the option to choose “I don’t know.” The next screen will contain a spot for the person to enter the phone number associated with the account. Once the person enters the correct phone number, Google will direct that person to change the Password.

How to Reset Windows 7 Password

Performing a Windows 7 password reset is a good practice for anyone with a laptop or desktop computer. New passwords should be complex enough to deter hackers but easy enough for the user to remember.

A person who already has access to the computer can perform a password reset by clicking the menu—control panel—user accounts—and then manage user accounts. The person will then type in the administrator password and click the “users” tab. The person will find all the usernames underneath the “users for this computer” section. They will click on the account that needs its password reset and click “reset password.”

The process for resetting a Windows 7 password for a person who has no access is a bit tricky. The method involves inserting a password reset disk, but the person will have to create the disk before forgetting the Password.

The user can create a password reset disk by installing a flash drive. Next, the individual will click menu—control panel—user accounts and family safety—user accounts—and then create a password reset disk. A forgotten password wizard will pop up on the screen, allowing the user to type a password and create a password reset disk. The person can use the disk that they created to recover the Password in the future.

How to Reset Facebook Password

A person who has been locked out of Facebook can visit the site and click the “forgot your password” link. The link will take the person to a page that will ask for an email address, username, or phone number. The person can then select a method by which they would like the system to help perform a password reset.

The user can choose to have a code sent to their phone through text message. Alternatively, the individual can have an email sent with a link that will help to reset the Facebook password. A person who already has access to Facebook can click on the triangular menu on the top right of the page and then select “settings.” The person will then come to a page that will allow them to change the account password. The individual must know the current password to change it to a new password.

How to Reset iTunes Password

An Apple user can use the Apple ID password changing process to perform an iTunes password reset for their account. The site has a very easy system for changing Apple passwords. A person changing the Password for security reasons will want to click on “reset your password” on the right side of the page.

The individual will have to enter their Apple ID and then answer security questions or have some information sent to Apple’s email address on file. The person can then change to a new Apple ID password. The new Apple ID password will work on all Apple devices and the iTunes store application.

The website for changing Apple ID passwords gives users a chance to create new Apple IDs. To create a new Apple ID, a user will have to provide a first and last name, date of birth, three security answers, questions, address information, and the like. The individual can complete the Apple password reset process within five minutes.

How to Reset Apple Password

Who can perform the Apple ID password reset? The main page displays a bubble to the left of the screen that says “Manage Your Apple ID.” The option to reset the Apple ID password is under the bubble. The user will want to click on that link to change their Apple ID password. The link reads, “reset your password.” The person will have to enter the Apple ID to gain access to the reset page.

The individual can choose one of two available options. The person can have an email sent to their address on file, or Apple can ask personal security questions to verify their identity. If the user answers the security questions properly, then Apple will allow that person to change the Password at that time.

How to Reset iCloud Password

A user can perform an iCloud password reset by visiting the iCloud website and going to the bottom of the page. The “Forget ID or password” link is to the bottom left of the screen. The person will want to click on that link and go to the page to reset the Password. The individual will need to enter their Apple ID. Next, the person can choose from two methods for a password reset.

The first method is email authentication. Apple will send an email to the address it has on file for the person. The second method is security question answers. The person can opt to answer some security questions to gain access to the password reset features.

Changing a password is a simple process for computer users. Companies have tried their best to maintain a high level of security while still making the Password changing process understandable and worry-free. Options for changing a password are usually easily accessible from the main page, and users can locate them to the left or right of the page.


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