How to Prevent Hair Loss

An estimated 95% of all hair loss cases are generic. As a result, most of these factors can be controlled naturally. And the earlier you decide to prevent hair loss, the easier it becomes.

In fact, all you have to do is to watch out for these factors: nutrition, hormone deficiency, your overall health, and the excessive use of chemicals on your hair, and being bald will certainly become the least of your worries. For more information on how to prevent hair loss, just read the rest of this article:

1. Take vitamins

A great majority of people know that vitamins are actually vital for a healthy body. But how many of them know the role that this important nutrient plays to keep their hair in good shape and healthy.

The first one is vitamin A, which is an active antioxidant that promotes the production of sebum for a healthy scalp. Second, on the line is vitamin E. This vitamin stimulates the circulation of blood in the scalp.

This, in turn, helps to keep hair follicles productive. And lastly, there’s vitamin B, which helps the body with the production of melanin. Melanin is actually important since it gives the hair its healthy color and, at the same time, stimulates blood circulation.

To get these vitamins, you can either choose to use a vitamin supplement or take a diet that’s well enriched with all these vitamins.

2. Natural supplements

One of the major causes of natural baldness is the excessive production of DHT — metabolite testosterone that is also linked with the enlargement of the prostate. This hormone is a common cause of hair loss especially one that occurs as a result of aging.

To prevent this hormone from causing hair loss, you can easily decide to use a natural supplement or any herb that blocks its production.

A good example of such a supplement is the saw palmetto. In fact, different studies have suggested palmetto as one of the supplements that are more effective and safe as far as the prevention of hair loss is concerned.

3. Taking high-protein foods

Proteins are actually the building blocks of keratin — a structural component of both nails and hair. Thus, foods that are rich in protein should always form the bulk of what you eat if you intend to protect yourself from going bald.

Such foods include lean meat, eggs, soy or fish. Besides being rich in proteins, these foods also well endowed with vitamin B, and hence more effective for anyone who wants to curb hair loss.

4. Reducing stress

One of the major causes of the enhanced hair loss problem is the increased stress level. In fact, different studies suggest that high levels of stress can actually make one go gray. As a result, curbing stress is an essential step to undertake if you’re looking for proper ways on how to prevent hair loss.

This is because stress affects your eating habit and, at the same time, it raises the production of DHT. For these reasons, it’s advisable for you to control your stress levels, and here are a few tricks that can help you to palliate your stress levels:

  • Practicing meditation: Even though most people like to associate meditation with Buddhism, this practice is supported scientifically as one of the most effective ways of curbing stress and staying healthy. If you’re suspecting that your major cause of hair loss is your enhanced stress level, just try to practice meditation and protect yourself from going bald.
  • Exercising: You might not see the relationship between hair loss and exercise, but this step is actually important for anyone that’s looking for safe ways on how to prevent hair loss. You can choose to either walk, ride, attend the gym or play any of your favorite games. Alternatively, you can play chess or any indoor game that can certainly cheer you up.
  • Talk to someone or write it out

You can reduce your stress levels by either talking to someone or writing out. You can choose to talk to your friend, your spouse, or any of your family members. And if possible, talk to your therapist and tell him or her about everything that you’re experiencing.

5. Avoid wigs, hairpieces, hats, caps, or using excessive chemicals

Some of the things people put on their hair may eventually lead to permanent hair loss. To avoid such complications, you should try and avoid wearing hats, wigs, caps, or hairpieces on a regular basis. In addition, prolonged usage of chemicals and other related hair products on your hair will at some point lead to baldness or extreme hair loss.

6. Taking good care of your hair

One of the contributing factors to some of the extreme hair loss cases is the poor maintenance of hair by some people. To avoid such cases, don’t brush your hair when it’s still wet, nor use a towel to dry your hair by rubbing it against your head. Instead, allow the hair to dry on its own or use a blow-dry.

7. Topical treatments

The last tip on how to prevent hair loss is to use topical treatments. A good example of such a treatment is getting a scalp massage that’s combined with some essential oil like lavender oil or sesame oil base. Use such oil to massage your scalp at least once in the day and protect yourself from going bald. Alternatively, you can rub your scalp with onion juice, garlic juice, or ginger juice before you go to bed and wash it out the following day.

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