How to Make the Most of Your Backyard

Feeling like your backyard is looking a bit lacklustre? If your backyard is small or otherwise lacks any amenities to make it a fun, vibrant space, you might feel like the space isn’t even worth using. However, there are some simple enhancements everyone can make to their outdoor area to create a dynamic and lively outdoor area perfect for entertaining and lounging.

Be clever with gazebos and awnings

Structural additions like gazebos and awnings can dramatically increase your use of your outdoor area. A portable gazebo can be propped up whenever you have guests, acting as a shaded and safe area for those who do not have patios or decks. Regardless of how harsh the sun is, a portable gazebo will immediately give guests a shaded area that they can mingle under. If you have minimal outdoor space, opt for door and window awnings instead. This simple addition to your property immediately provides you with a little bit of cover, perfect for propping a chair underneath and flipping through a book.

Decide the main purpose of your backyard

How you set up the rest of your outdoor area will depend on the main purpose of it. Is it meant to be a tranquil retreat for yourself, a kids’ play area or an entertaining hub? Once you know this, you will be able to consider how much shade, privacy and sun you need, which in turn will help you inform what kind of plants to add and whether you need a privacy screen or high fences. A vine, for example, is a great addition for those who want to add some greenery, shade and privacy.

Play with a colour scheme

Adding colour is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to instantly enhance your outdoor area. White and sand tones are especially popular for outdoor areas, as they create a sense of tranquility and brightness. Those with more eclectic tastes can add boldly printed outdoor cushions and foliage for a truly inviting and lively space.

Think outside of the box

Don’t have enough room for a full outdoor lounge set? Get creative with your seating options! Add outdoor cushions on milk crates for casual seating, or even add a hammock for that optimal relaxation factor. If you’re feeling particularly handy, you could even try building your own sofa bed with some sofa cushions and pallets! Similarly, if you’d love to have an outdoor kitchen but don’t have the room or funds to do so, try adding a simple fire pit instead.

Go green

Don’t have enough space to add luscious plants all around your garden? Get crafty with a vertical garden. Simply pick a surface to turn into your feature wall and add plants or vines to still inject some much-needed greenery into your outdoor area.

Consider lighting

While being one of the simplest touches you can add to your backyard, lighting certainly packs a punch. To make your backyard truly Insta-worthy, loop string lights between trees and fences to create a dazzling canopy. Try solar options if you’re worried about having cables and wires outdoors. Votive candles are another lovely way to create a lit-up path for guests to explore your backyard.

Tidy up

For a totally free way of jazzing up your backyard, simply tidy up the space! By raking leaves out of the way and trimming bushes, you can immediately make your entire backyard area look much more welcoming.

A fantastic backyard doesn’t need to include a massive deck or pool – with just a few simple changes, you can truly make the most of your backyard, no matter how big or small it is!

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