How to Keep Your Storage Shed Cool in the Heat of Summer

The good news is there are many different things that you can do in order to keep your shed cool during the summer, as we shall see below.

Homeowners will use their sheds for many different reasons. Some will need them in order to store their tools and gardening supplies. A shed can serve as a convenient storage space for many people. Other people may use their shed as a workstation or as a place to work on their art projects.

The quality of the sheds that are manufactured today has increased significantly in recent years. As such, some people have used their state-of-the-art sheds for sleep or hosting small parties for friends and family.

However, a shed can turn into a furnace during the summer due to the intense heat of the sun. You will therefore need to find ways in order to keep your shed nice and cool during the warmer  seasons.

The good news is there are many different things that you can do in order to keep your shed cool during the summer, as we shall see below.

Different Ways to Cool Your Shed in the Summer

If you need to keep your shed cool during the summer, then there are many different tools and techniques at your disposal. Below are just some of the easiest and quickest ways to keep your shed cool so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Improve Aeration

You need to improve the ventilation of your shed, and the same can be said of your garage. You need to open all of the windows and doors before spending time in your backyard shed. By doing so, all of the trapped air inside can escape.

However, you should keep your windows closed when it is raining outside. Or, you can open them slightly if the heat is too much to bear. You can also add a motorized exhaust fan to  enhance the cooling-down process.

Insulate the Ceiling and Walls of Your Garage

You can make use of insulation in order to regulate the temperature in your shed. Insulation will make the cooling process of your shed far more efficient.

You should add insulation to both the ceiling and the walls of your shed. Doing so will keep out the cold air during the winter and stave off the hot air during the summer.

An amalgamation of sheetrock or drywall with rolled insulation will allow you to insulate your shed’s ceiling and walls to the fullest extent possible.

Set Up a Ceiling Fan

Your shed will need to have a ceiling height of at least 8 feet if you want to install a ceiling fan. Also, if your shed has windows, then you may want to consider adding a window fan.

A window fan will help expel hot air from your shed. It will also draw cooler air in so that you can quickly cool down your shed during very hot and muggy days.

Consider the Colours of the Door and Walls

Light colours will reflect heat very effectively. Dark colours, on the other hand, actually absorb heat. As a result, you should choose light colours for the door of your shed.

If you want to keep heat out, then consider beige, cream, white, or off-white for your shed’s door and walls. You can even go a step further and paint the exterior walls of your shed with light-colours as well.

Consider Planting a Tree or Placing an Awning

If you are worried about solar heat intake, then consider installing awnings over the door and windows of your shed. However, if you are on a tight budget, or simply want something that is more visually appealing, then planting an evergreen tree may be a better solution.

Plant the tree in a spot that is strategically between your shed and the sun in order to maximize its cooling benefits.

Apply Weatherstripping and Seal all Visible Gaps

If you want to keep your energy bills low and also keep your shed cool and comfortable during the summer, then you should apply weatherstripping and caulking in order to seal all visible gaps.

Weatherstripping and caulking are not only very cost-effective, but they are also very simple to use. They will help keep hot air out while maintaining cool air inside your shed. The gaps around your windows and doors should be sealed.

Less-obvious cracks can be found by inspecting your walls carefully. They should also be sealed in order to maximize the coolness inside your shed.

Add an Air Conditioner

If you are not worried about your energy bill, and you have the money to buy a compact air conditioner, then you can install one in your shed. A portable air conditioner and heater will dehumidify, heat, and cool your shed as needed.

Taking the First Step

Your backyard shed serves as an extension of your beautiful home. It is important to properly maintain it in order to keep the curb appeal of your property. The cooling method that you choose should be eco-friendly as well as efficient.

When the temperature inevitably rises during the summer, you should open your shed’s door and windows, and also add a fan inside. Boosting the insulation of your shed will also help keep it nice and cool during the summer.

You can prevent your shed from turning into an oven during the summer without having to break the bank. You can keep it cool without having to change its design or style in the process by following a few simple tips and techniques.

If you need additional tips in order to keep your shed cool, speak to a home renovation expert or a landscaping contractor in your area.

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