How to Get The Best Eyebrows at Home

Lately, all eyes are on brows. What was once just a side note in the beauty realm is now front and centre—celebrities and models have best eyebrows at home topping off their already picture-perfect looks.

It may feel overwhelming to try and achieve a well-groomed brow at home, but we have some advice and it’s not at all difficult. A few basic pieces of advice, a little makeup, and the right tools are all you need to achieve and maintain fabulous brows.

1. Determine the best shape Eyebrows At Home

Brows are not “one shape fits all??—your best brow look depends on the shape of your face. The old tried and true way to determine your best shape is to take a pencil line it up so it touches the outside edge of your nose. Line that up vertically with the start of your eyebrow and that is where your brow should begin.

If you have over-tweezed or waxed, it’s okay—you can use some makeup trickery to fix the problem.

Next, line up the pencil on an angle that meets the outer corner of your eye, connecting the pencil from nose to eye and extending the pencil to see where the eyebrow should end. Often, this may look too long or low, but trust us, it makes for a much better eyebrow.

Remember to step back from your small makeup mirror and look at these points from afar, then use a small brush or even a toothbrush to comb the hairs into place.

2. Fill in the shape Eyebrows At Home

Most drugstores carry at least one affordable line of cosmetics that carry eyebrow products, so use an inexpensive brow powder and angled brush to dot in some colour that fills in the shape where your new brow will begin and end.

Look for stray hairs above and below that area, as these are the hairs you’ll target in the next step. Use brow powder that is a smidge lighter than your natural brow colour, or one that’s exactly the same (if you get lucky), as using one that is too dark will make you look too drawn in and harsh.

It’s also okay to use an eyebrow pencil, so long as you draw with light, feathery strokes, not a hard straight line. Again, step back and check out the shape in a mirror that’s far away so that you can see if it works from afar, not just close-up.

3. Tweeze, trim and remove only hair outside that area

Use a slanted, clean, new pair of tweezers to pull out any hairs that are outside the shape you desire, pulling in the same direction each hair grows. Use small grooming scissors to trim any long hairs that extend outside the shape you want to achieve. Less is more, so take away only one hair at a time and be careful not to cut too much with the scissors.

When I was a teenager, I tweezed out way too many hairs and ruined my best eyebrows at home, so take it slowly and don’t overdo it. Learn from my mistake and step back every few hairs to check your work. It’s always easier to remove stray hair than it is to regrow, so proceed with caution. Thicker brows are a current trend, so keep that in mind as you clean up.

4. Grow in and fill out patchy, thin areas

If you are missing hairs where you want the eyebrow to be, simply use some powder and pencil to fill in the areas as you grow your brows in. I have regrown botched best eyebrows at home with great results; it just takes some patience and makeup trickery along the way. Sometimes, nature needs a little help and there are serums available that claim to stimulate eyebrow growth.

5. Maintain and groom every day

Using a bit of highlighter under each brow, some powder, liner, and a brush daily can make a big difference to your total look. Some cosmetic companies even sell a brow pencil that has a highlighter on the other end. While thicker brows are definitely in, they should be neat and groomed. Look for stray regrowth, and maintain the shape as you go, keeping the hairs in check with your tweezer.

There are also tiny razors sold in drugstores where nail clippers and other grooming implements are usually stocked. These may be used to touch up any stray hairs alongside your brow on your forehead and even under the brow for a fast touch-up.

I found out how to use one on YouTube by searching for “razor eyebrows” and found this easy, helpful video: Sometimes all you need to do is brush your brows into place and apply a tiny bit of eyebrow gel or clear lip balm.

6. See a pro

When I say “pro” I mean someone who has a good reputation for creating awesome best eyebrows at home. Avoid getting your brows waxed at nail salons where it’s not the speciality. I would also highly recommend seeing someone who can thread your brows into a nice square shape every two to three months. Threading creates perfect, squared-off brows that are easy to maintain with clean, straight edges.

Be sure to ask around and see who does the best job in your local area. I’m always in a different city, but I never drop in anywhere for threading unless I read rave reviews about a person or facility online beforehand. If threading isn’t available, see someone who has the best reviews in your area, regardless of what they use (e.g. wax, sugaring, or tweezing).

Grooming your best eyebrows at home may seem like a hassle, but trust me—it’s worth a few minutes of your time each day!

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