How to Create a Group Email in Gmail

How to Create a Group Email in Gmail

How to create a group email in Gmail you search this query means you are from any organization, school, business owner, teams, or any other group.

See my story when I was new in the sending email that time I send the email manually they are very time consuming

That time I waste my time almost one hour to send email but when I see this method to create a group email in Gmail and send a message then I do my one hour of work in just ten minutes so

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see what’s the difference between sending email manually and send in the group

If you want to send an email to only one person it’s easy but you want to send the email to all people or you can say a person is quite difficult.

But to growing your business or send your important message to the other person then you need to send in a group email

Gmail send to another person is very important and for this, you know the how to send a professional email so read this post you get your answer

So all details about how to create a group email in Gmail all information is covered in the blog so

Keep the end of the blog to learn how to create a group email in Gmail

First, see what is an email group

What Are Email Groups?

Email groups are those groups you can make on the Gmail account to send a message one to all your member or otherwise you select the member who you want the send message

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This term is known as the Email Group

Next, we see the benefits of sending email in bulk or in group

Benefits of Creating Group Email/Mailing List in Gmail

Sending email in bulk there have lots of benefits

  • You can send a single message in a group
  • It saves you time
  • You can easily find any person and send mail
  • It will help you to the organizational meeting in a very efficient way
  • It will help you all group member pass one message in a single click

These are all the benefits of the sending message in the bulk s you need to create a group how you create I told you to step by step

First, understand there is two way to create email group so how to see below

There are two ways to create a Gmail group

  1. Professional Method (scalable way)
  2. Native method (the conventional way)

The first talk about the professional method then we talk about the professional method

How to Create a Group Email in Gmail: 1) Professional Method

The professional method is used more in the business or organization

If you are from any organization then you use this method

The professional method is quite difficult but you try daily or practice then it’s easy for you

The professional method has some pros and cons also

Its biggest advantage is the save your time

You can send the email at a single click

If you send an email at a particular time and your client want that notification is that particular time then it’s helpful for you

It grows your business

Now see the step by step how to send mail in a professional way

Step 1

Go to the google contact list

Go to the google contact list

Step 2

Select the contact you want to send

Select the contact you want to send

Step 3

Make the one group and give the name

Step 4

Choose the export option

Choose the export option

Step 5

Export option in the google CSV

Step 6

Now you can make the google sheet or excel sheet and send the Email

How to Create a Group Email in Gmail:  2) Native Method

A native method is so easy you can use this method it’s very easy and how to send an email I told you

Step 1

in that step, you need to go to your mailbox

Step 2

Select your contacts

Go to the google contact list

So how you select for that you need to click on the google apps you see the one option that is the contacts

Step 3

Then you select the contact that you need to send a message or email

Step 4

So now need to create a one label

Step 5

Click on the label

Step 6

Give the label name as per your work

So you can easily be identified

Step 7

Click and then save

Step 8

And then the final step is the send mail to the group

So you can see how you send the mail easily to your colleague

If you follow this step then you can send email easily

Now talk about its benefits it also saves your time you can send easily mail in the group

You should send a single message in a group no need to send it manually

And it saves you lots of time.

Nowadays all people send group because send manually it’s a difficult and quite difficult task

So you follow this step and send the email.

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These are two methods you can send the email in a group or create the group

Wrap Up

How to create a group email in Gmail is all information is told in that blog I hope you like it and if you want to help your friend then this post share with your friends also

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