How to Convert HEIC to PDF? [2023 Latest Guide]

Are you looking to efficiently share and preserve your HEIC image files while ensuring compatibility across devices? Wondering about the advantages of converting HEIC to PDF? This paper explores the benefits and methods of transforming HEIC files into PDF.

What are HEIC Files?

High Efficiency Image Format (HEIC) is a file format designed specifically for storing digital photographs. HEIC was developed by the MPEG as a successor to the older JPEG format. It’s designed to provide higher compression efficiency while maintaining image quality, meaning it can store images in smaller file sizes without significantly compromising visual fidelity.

Why Should You Convert HEIC to PDF?

Converting HEIC files to PDF can be useful for several reasons, depending on your specific needs and preferences:

Combine Multiple Images

If you have multiple HEIC images that you want to present or share together, converting them to a single PDF file can make it easier to organize and share the images as a cohesive document.

Share and Distribution

PDF is a widely accepted and standardized format for sharing documents. If you’re concerned about your photographs not being visible on certain devices or platforms, you can avoid this by converting them to PDF from HEIC.

Preservation of Image Quality

Preservation of Image Quality

While HEIC offers efficient compression, converting to PDF can allow you to maintain the visual quality of the images without further loss due to compression. PDF supports high-quality image embedding.

Annotations and Markup

PDF can be easily annotated and marked up using various tools and software. If you need to add comments, highlights, or other annotations to your images, converting them to PDF can provide a convenient platform for doing so.

Document Presentation

If you’re creating a presentation or report that involves images, converting HEIC to PDF can allow you to combine images with text, charts, and other content in a single, coherent document.


PDF is commonly used for archiving documents due to its ability to preserve formatting and content across different devices and software versions. Converting HEIC images to PDF can help in creating a long-term, stable archival format.

Reduced File Size

In some cases, converting HEIC images to PDF might actually reduce the overall file size, especially if you’re combining multiple images into a single PDF. PDF’s compression algorithms can work differently from those used in HEIC, potentially resulting in smaller file sizes.

Reduced File Size

Document Security

PDF can be password protected or encrypted, providing a level of security if you’re sharing sensitive images that you want to restrict access to.

Printing and Publishing

If you intend to print the images or have them published in a document, converting HEIC to PDF can ensure consistent formatting and layout across different print mediums.

It’s important to note that the conversion process might involve a slight trade-off in terms of file size and convenience.

How Can I Change A HEIC File into A PDF Format?

The instructions you provided cover two different methods for converting HEIC files to PDF, one on Mac using the Preview app and another on Windows using the EaseUS PDF Converter software. Here’s a breakdown of each method:

Convert HEIC to PDF on Mac:

  • Open the HEIC image file in the Preview app. You can do this by double-clicking the HEIC file or right-clicking it and selecting “Open With” > “Preview.”
  • With the image open in Preview, go to the “File” menu in the top-left corner.
  • Select “Export” from the dropdown menu. A dialog box will be shown up.


  • In the resulting dialogue box, you’ll be able to select a destination folder, rename the PDF, and exit out.
  • Next to the “Format” option, choose “PDF” from the dropdown menu.
  • A PDF file will be built from the HEIC image when you click the “Save” button.

Convert HEIC to PDF on Windows:


  • Launch the software and click on the “Image to PDF” option in the left toolbar.
  • Click the “Open Files” button within the software to import the HEIC files that you want to convert to PDF.

Convert HEIC to PDF on Windows

  • Once the HEIC files are imported, you may have the option to arrange their order in the PDF document if needed.
  • To begin the process of changing your HEIC files into PDF files, click the “Convert” button.


  • After the conversion is complete, the software should provide you with the option to specify a destination folder for the PDF files.
  • Click “OK” or “Save” to finalize the conversion and save the HEIC images as PDF files.

Remember that the steps provided are based on the information you provided, and the actual user interface or options within the software may vary slightly depending on the software version and updates. Always make sure to review the software’s user guide or documentation if you encounter any issues during the conversion process.

The Bottom Line

Converting HEIC files to PDF offers a versatile solution for organizing, sharing, and preserving images. This conversion process allows users to combine multiple images, ensure compatibility across devices, maintain image quality, enable annotations, facilitate document presentations, and enhance security. While some trade-offs might arise in terms of file size and convenience, the methods outlined for both Mac and Windows platforms provide effective ways to perform this conversion and leverage the benefits of PDF format for various purposes.

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