How To Change Default Google Account?

On a similar day of September in the year 1998, Google was founded. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Since then, Google has been transforming our lives at its own pace and style.

Today, Google is our go-to rescuer for all types of problems. Google is our online encyclopedia. Any sort of research first starts with Google. Google has the answers to all our questions.

When there is Google, no information in the world can be hidden from us. With Google with us, it is like the world and all its aspects are open to us. Today, Google is used and required in all aspects of our lives.

Doctors, Teachers, Researchers, Students, Architects, businessmen, etc, everyone needs Google in their work and profession. We have shared details about change default google account.

Google is helping us in many ways. It provides us with Gmail which is a modern way of exchanging letters and emails. All professional and personal tasks or conversations are performed through Gmail.

There are many email services but Gmail is the most popular and preferred one. Gmail has crores of users around the world. Everyone prefers using Gmail services instead of others. Every day more than crores emails are exchanged through Gmail services.

Gmail service is now considered as an important aspect of our lives. Everything today is done through Gmail. Professional exchanges, weddings, or types of invitations are also done through Gmail.

For registering to any online website, you would need to provide access to your Gmail. Your email id is synced with almost everything in your digital space and even your smartphone and laptop too.

With the current pandemic around the world, almost all companies have switched to work from home. This has created the necessity of using email services more frequently. So, in the past 7 months, there had been a vast increase in the users of Gmail services.

Teachers and professors are providing lessons and projects to the students through Gmail and the student reciprocates through the same medium. Though in the professional space, email or mail service was a constant thing but with the work from home culture, the usage has increased triple times.

People are ordering even groceries online apart from all the essential and luxury kinds of stuff. Online shopping has become a new thing and it is to stay forever. Now people can get or order everything while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Again, whenever you registering yourself to a website, be it anyone, you have to register through an email or mail account. And then, your Gmail account gets listed into their database. After this, they would be sending you their weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters, their ongoing and upcoming offers, the new launches, etc everything through email.

Whenever you order something online, be it your food or articles of clothing or any other items, you will be sent regular updates of your purchase through mails. Thus you can see, how important email or Gmail service has become.

There is another special feature that Gmail provides you. In your laptop, tablet, or mobile phones, you can access more than one Gmail account. We must admit that most of us have more than one Gmail accounts. The basic two are personal and work mail.

So, it might be required to keep accessing both your goal accounts at one time. And it is possible in Gmail. You can stay logged in in both the Gmail accounts and keep working on them. This feature has helped us a lot many times and we must admit it.

But sometimes, it happens that we tend to use more than two emails or let’s say multiple emails. This might create a mess but google has in a very dignified manner provided the solution to this. Though, there are some services like google drive or google docs in which you can only access through one mail account at a time.

There are times, when we get confused as to which Gmail account we are currently working on when more than one account is signed in. Google meet is another part of work from home culture. At times it happens that, by mistake, we join google meet for a business meeting and then we realize that we have signed it from our account and then reject it.

This creates bad impressions among our workmates. Luckily, Google, apart from the feature of providing access to multiple accounts also has provided the liberty to select one account that we use most frequently to set as the default account. Doing so, whenever we switch to google mail, this account would show up first.

Steps to change default google account in the web version:

  • Open the Google browser and click on your pic or your initials that you find on the top right corner of your screen.

how to change default google account

  • Then you will find the dropdown list of all the Gmail accounts you are currently signed in to. Then you can select the account which you want to set as default. It is set!

 how to change your default google account

  • Then you shall see a new browser opening with the secondary accounts.

 how do i change my default google account

  • If at any time you want to change default google account, you can just go with the same process.

how to change the default google account

In the mobile version

If you operate your Gmail accounts through a mobile app then-

  • Go to the settings

 how to change default google account

  • You must scroll down and click on the google settings or google.

how to change your default google account

  • Then you must click the dropdown symbol and tap on a different Gmail account

 how to change the default google account

Though there is not much necessity in setting up a default account if you are working through your phone only. You just have to be careful to check through which account you are sending your emails and all will be set.

Few pointers to note

It is suggested to use a different set of avatars or photos for your different accounts. This will not only look much professional but also will help you distinguish between your personal and professional accounts. Keep both your official and personal account open in different tabs. This will create less confusion.If you log in through the google chrome browser then it will automatically direct you to your default account. Chrome is another helpful feature of Google.

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