How to Become Famous in a Nutshell

Want to be famous? Discover the top ways people consider on How To Become Famous today

Fame and fortune is a common goal that many young people share today. The desire to be famous is one reason so many young people consider becoming an actor, musician, model, or other so-called “glamourous” career. But, unfortunately, there’s no one set way for how to become famous.

People who wonder “How can I become famous” generally consider a wide range of options to lead them down the road of fame and fortune. Such options could include entertainment, business, technology, medicine, education, or science. Of course, these routes won’t always pan out for everyone, but they give people opportunities to make their mark.

How Do You Become Famous?

Being gifted in a certain area could be your ticket to fame. Talents and skills are a definite plus, but not always necessary to become famous. There are people in this world who have discovered how to become famous without possessing any apparent talent at all.

In 1968, the renowned pop artist Andy Warhol made an interesting evaluation about fame when he said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” – referring to technological advances to come that could make anyone famous.

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The advent of the Internet and social media has certainly made this “prediction” come true. Ordinary people of all ages have used such social sites as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to achieve fame, even if it was only temporary.

Most people interested in getting famous want their fame (and fortune) to last much longer than a mere 15 minutes. So when young people say, “I want to be famous,” they usually mean for a lifetime. If that’s your dream, here are some practical ideas for how to become famous for helping you get started.

Start a Business

The world of business offers many opportunities for people to become famous. Steve Jobs, a founder of Apple, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft; and Walt Disney, founder of Disneyland, are just a few of the thousands of people who have become famous by starting their own business.

Many business people start small with a new idea and work their way up to establishing their dream. However, if you’re an idea person, you may be able to turn those thoughts and dreams into something big that will propel you into the limelight.

Develop Natural Talents

“How do I become famous?” you wonder. Developing your natural talents and skills is a good place to start. Can you act? Do you have a gift for music or magic, or comedy? Are you a good writer, chef, or sports player? By excelling in your field, you could make a name for yourself and become famous.

If people tell you you’re a great singer, can run like the wind or have a gift for making others laugh, try to develop those talents and see where they can take you. Look for opportunities to get into your market and be willing to work hard to carve your niche in the industry of your choice.

Some people may have made it by being in the right place at the right time. Most, however, have had to work hard at it to achieve their goals.

Sign Up for a Reality Show

The popularity of reality shows today are at an all-time high. You can barely turn on a television without catching one of these shows in progress. Many people have become famous by entering and winning a reality show.

Some classic examples are American singer Kelly Clarkson, first season winner of American Idol, and British singer Leona Lewis, 3rd season winner of X-Factor.

You don’t even have to win to get noticed. Your talent and charismatic personality can make you stand out from the crowd, leading to national fame and attention.

Invent Something or Make a Cool Discovery

Inventing something new and useful is a great way of becoming famous, even if it’s by accident. There are quite a few accidental inventions that have resulted in people becoming rich and famous. The popular “Slinky” toy resulted from naval engineer Richard James’ attempt to create a bouncy spring for sensitive equipment on battleships.

Seeing one of his springs “walk” after falling from a shelf inspired James to turn it into a toy. The rest is history.

The sweetener Saccharin was discovered when a researcher spilled a chemical on his hands, forgot to wash it before eating, and discovered its ability to sweeten foods. Kellogg’s Cornflakes were the accidental byproduct of trying to fix boiled grain that had become stale from sitting out too long.

Inventing a new product that the public loves can easily put your name in the lights. Likewise, you can become famous by making a cool discovery in the scientific or medical field along the same line. Instant fame awaits the person who discovers a cure for cancer or AIDS.

Become a Model

Modeling requires few technical abilities or skills. However, great looks and is extremely photogenic is a must, as Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen can attest. Great male and female models are always in high demand. If you think you qualify for modeling, do some research online to learn more about breaking into this career.

Write a Best Seller

Maybe you have a hidden talent for writing like J.K. Rowling, a single mom from Britain who became famous virtually overnight by publishing the Harry Potter series. Writing a best seller – especially one that Who can make into a subsequent movie – may be your ticket to fame.

Enter the Field of Politics

Politics has a way of making even unknowns famous, especially people who run for leadership positions in their country. Whether you’re serious about politics or not, you can get instant media coverage by simply throwing your name in the hat.

Nowadays, you don’t even need political background or experience to run. For example, former U.S. President Ronald Regan was an actor, Brazilian Congressman Francisco Everardo Oliviera Silva, aka Tiririca, was a circus clown, and Australian Labor Party member Peter Garrett was a former rock star.

Marry a Famous Person

What’s perhaps the quickest (and easiest) way of becoming famous? Marry a famous person, of course.

How to Become Internet Famous

Becoming Internet famous is not as difficult today as it may seem. People have become famous by creating new websites (Facebook and Twitter), writing cool blogs, making popular online games, or simply posting cool YouTube videos or viral photos.

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There have even been instances of photos being posted of people without their knowledge or consent going viral, making them instant “celebrities” through no effort of their own. Such is the recent case of Alex from Target, who is still trying to get a grip on his celebrity status.

World Fame: Not What It’s Cut Out to Be

Living a life of fame may seem great on the surface, but it’s often not all that it’s cut out to be. Fame is not necessarily synonymous with success … or even happiness. People often seek the spotlight for the wrong reasons, and once they’ve made it, they realize something’s still missing from their life.

Being famous doesn’t guarantee all your dreams will come true. If you could have a heart-to-heart talk with many famous people today, you may be surprised at how they view their life of fame. The media often scrutinize famous people, and every fault or failure is exposed for all to see. Their lives are not their own. They often can’t make a move without reporters or paparazzi photographers at their heels.

Being famous has its share of drawbacks. Famous musicians, actors, and writers face enormous pressure to keep up with the demands of the public. If they don’t produce bigger and better songs, movies or books, their careers could quickly dry up as fans move on to the next rising star.

The media is full of stories of actors or musicians turning to alcohol or drugs to relieve the stress and pressures. Others face marriage or family problems as a result of their status.

Attaining fame for the sake of being famous alone will not get you far. Rather than seeking ways for how to be famous, you’ll be much better off simply following your dream and being who and what you want to be – whether it results in fame or not. Being all you can be far surpasses fame and fortune and makes life worth living.

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