How To Be Healthy Body

healthy body

Many times we try to follow an exercise plan or a diet to the letter and we do not see results: what is happening? Surely we are giving too much importance to some factor, while we forget others. That’s why today we talk about the three ways to have a healthy body.

Our body is like a three-wheeled car: if one of the wheels fails, the car will stumble forward, or it will not move at all. We will analyze the three ways to have a healthy body: food, exercise, and rest.

Healthy nutrition

The three ways of good health are important in that order: if we want to have a healthy body, the first thing we must consider is whether we have a healthy and balanced diet. I do not like the term “diet” since it implies a type of behavior that will end someday. Healthy eating should not have an end date, but rather become a habit and a lifestyle.

Start the day with a good breakfast that will be the most important meal of the day, eat something light in the middle of the morning so as not to get too hungry to eat, take a small snack in the middle of the afternoon and make a light dinner.

Try to hydrate before you are thirsty and take foods that are rich in water, such as fruits and vegetables.

Try to avoid Anti-Aging Foods, such as fast food or alcohol, or limit them to special occasions. Monitor the way you cook your food: say “goodbye” to the fritters and “welcome” to the less processed dishes. Be natural: better a whole orange than a juice brick.

Do not forget that a healthy diet must also be varied and include all the nutrients your body needs.

Forget about eliminating fats or hydrates, because they fulfill necessary functions in our body. Eat what you need (not what you want) with moderation: in the middle term is the key.

Daily exercise

There are no excuses for not doing an hour of daily exercise. It does not have to be a high-intensity sport: simply move and we will notice a good chance. Our life is becoming more sedentary, so … move!

The first hour of the morning is ideal for exercise: yes, it is hard to get out of bed and run or do squats, but the results are worth it. If you do not find time throughout the day to go to the gym, maybe you can get up half an hour early and practice a little at home.

Going regularly to a gym, where we have all the necessary equipment and the advice of the instructors, is ideal; But it’s not the only option. To sign up for a running group or a Pilate’s studio, hire a personal trainer, in addition to training at home, there are other possibilities that you can shuffle.

Rest is necessary

In any training plan, you will find rest days: and that is that rest is the third way of a healthy body, although many times we forget this.

Each week we should have at least one day of total rest or active rest: if you are not able to spend a day without exercise, you can limit the activity of the rest day to something soft like a walk in the park or play with your children or nephews.

Try to sleep eight hours a day: I know it is complicated in these times, but the body will appreciate it. Sleeping helps us to recharge our energy to be active the next day. In addition, it will help us look better: smoother and brighter skin, less puffiness, and wrinkles … Everything is advantages!

In summary: eat well, exercise daily, and rest as you deserve. Turn these three ways into present habits in your life and you will see how, in addition to being healthy, you will smile more.

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