How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods

The U.S. capital goods industry makes up a large part of its economy, which accounts for approximately 17% of gross domestic product (GDP) in the country and 13% of total employment, according to the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This means that 6 million people work in direct jobs related to the sector. Another 3 million are indirectly employed through the supply chain or other roles that deal with capital goods companies.

What are Capital Goods?

Capital goods are tangible items used to produce other goods and services. These tangible assets can be used repeatedly and are useful in production. Examples of capital goods include machines, buildings, and tools.

Capital goods are vital to the economy because they enable businesses to manufacture their products or services. Companies can also increase productivity and efficiency through capital goods, which results in higher profits and a stronger economic environment. Capital goods are also important in stimulating economic growth, creating jobs, and ensuring that capital goods are available.

Both individuals and businesses can purchase capital goods. Companies can buy capital goods to stimulate the economy or create demand. Consumers can also support capital goods by spending money.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods? Capital Goods Examples

Capital goods can be used to invest in production and maintenance. Who can also use them to produce other products or services within a certain period?

This impacts the number of jobs available in the capital goods industry. Capital goods are Machinery, Tools, or Buildings. Who can use computers and other equipment to create products?

What benefits does a job in capital goods bring?

A career in capital goods has many benefits. Capital goods are products that are used in the manufacture and maintenance of other products. They are more reliable and durable than different types of products. Capital goods are more valuable than other products, which allows them to earn more.

How Many Jobs Are There in Capital Goods?

There are currently approximately a 1.3million job opportunities in the capital goods industry. Jobs only 150,000 require workers. The remaining 900,000. It is in great demand.

Many vacancies exist in capital goods. However, it all depends on the job you want. According to Indeed, engineers have over 4,000 job openings, while salespeople have only about 1,000. It is crucial to research the position that you are interested in and explore other options.

Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods

  • Engineering Manager
  • Computer-Aided Design Technicians
  • Industrial Designer
  • Research and Development Manager.
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Warehouse worker
  • Manufacturing Manager.
  • Director of Manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer.

Which capital goods are examples?

Let’s first understand what capital goods are and how many jobs are available in capital goods are usually physical objects that corporations transform into consumer goods. A product’s classification may be consumer or capital depending on many factors, such as quantity, end-users and customers, and the required investments. These are just a few examples of capital goods.

  • Who can make textiles from cotton, wool, or nylon?
  • Chemicals are oils, minerals, natural gas, and other chemicals.
  • Machinery
  • Steel
  • Automotive parts include cars, trucks, bikes, and other vehicles.
  • Electronics: semiconductors and industrial, telecoms, consumer, and other electronic parts.

Average Salary For Capital Goods Workers

Let’s first answer the question, what are the wages for capital goods jobs? Earnings are also affected by the workers’ salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released its most recent report on capital goods workers’ labor. Their average annual income increased to $74,580, according to the report.

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This number is expected to rise to $84,460 in 2027—the salaries of capital goods workers at PayScale range from $30,000 to $84,000 per year. According to, in 2017, a Midwest engineer earning $54,000 a year had less experience than five years. An experienced New York City sales representative could make $95,000 per year.

How do I find a job in Capital Goods?

Let’s first learn how to get a job as a capital goods worker before we know how many capital goods jobs there are. Public offices like The Department Of Energy or the National Institute Of Standards And Technology are the best places to find Capital Goods jobs. Who can also find Capital Goods jobs in the private sector? This is because many private companies offer capital. Goods. You can find capital jobs on job posting sites such as Monster, Indeed, or Linkedin.

Resources for Finding the Best-Paying Jobs In Capital Goods

  • You can search online for jobs in capital goods – This is an excellent resource to find the highest-paying positions. Search for jobs by title, location, or other criteria.
  • Websites to firms – After you have created a list of capital goods manufacturing companies, you will be able to check the careers page of each company’s website regularly to see if any new jobs are available.
  • Internships: If you are interested in a training program at a capital goods company, please send your application. If interns do a good job, most organizations will hire them.
  • College Career Centers – Colleges often offer access to career centers that can assist students in job searches after graduation. Check out your school’s career services if you are a recent graduate or still in college.
  • Professional Organization – Joining an organization allows you to network with people from different professions and stay updated on the latest information regarding the job market. Many professional organizations offer access to a job board.

11 Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods

#1. Engineering Managers

Engineering Managers

An Engineering Manager in the US earns an average of $139.105. This makes it one of the highest-paid jobs in capital goods as of May 27, 2022.

#2. Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

According to Payscale, the average annual salary of Manufacturing Engineers in the United States is $72,526.

#3. Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Sometimes, the annual salary of a senior mechanical engineer can exceed $200,000. Engineering and mechanical jobs are the most highly paid.

#4. Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

The average salary for an electrician is $78,206.

In some cases, the annual limit may reach $200,000. It is one of the most lucrative capital goods jobs. These jobs are consistently ranked among the most lucrative in the electrical engineering industry.

#5. Quality Manager

Quality Manager

The US has an average annual wage for quality controllers of $72,175, the highest in capital goods.

#6. Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer

The average income of an industrial designer in America ranges from $55,405 to $69.351. An average salary of $61,445 per year is the norm. A person’s education, qualifications, work experience, and other skills will determine their expected salary range.

#7. Research And Development Manager

Research And Development Manager

The average salary range for Research and Development managers in the United States is between $127,242 and $167,844. The average annual income for this job is $146,091.

#8. Sales Engineer

Sales Engineer

Sales professionals make $74,690 per year. This is the norm.

#9. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

A degree in marketing, or a closely related discipline, and years of industry experience are required for this position. Marketing managers earn an average of $98,161 to $128.433 and an income of $111,000.

#10. Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager reports that Business Development Managers are one of the most highly-paid positions in capital goods. Their average annual income is $75,000.

#11. Software Developer

Software Developer

An annual average salary for a is 93,920. A $5,000 cash bonus is also available.


What companies are involved with capital goods?

Any company producing capital goods other than raw materials is considered in the capital goods industry.

What is a job in capital goods manufacturing?

In the capital goods industry, you can choose to be either white-collar (blue-collar) or blue-collar (white-collar). Truck drivers and financial controllers are two examples of capital goods jobs.

What capital is required to produce goods?

Capital goods, raw materials, and land are required to produce goods. Equity and debt are used to deliver capital goods.

What kinds of capital are available?

There are three types of capital: equity, debt, and working capital.

What three elements are essential for production?

Land, labor, and capital are the three major factors in production.


As you can see, there are many opportunities for capital goods jobs. No matter your level of sales or engineering experience, there is a job for you. Don’t delay! Get started now!


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