How Does Pilates And Yoga Differ From Each Other?

pilates and yoga

Pilates and Yoga have devoted followers who think that both Yoga and Pilates’s classes help them acquire a toned physique. These classes have become very popular in fitness centres. Though these classes look similar; yet they offer benefits of different natures to their followers. These classes emphasize the demands of your body. The question is whether these mild exercise schedules help in achieving weight loss? Which one of them is more effective than the other?

Yoga is an age-old practice. It has both a spiritual as well as a physical aspect to it. Physically the asanas in yoga help in keeping the body flexible and strong. The spiritual part with the meditation techniques helps to establish a connection between the mind and the body. At the same time, Pilates, introduced by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century, is not that old a practice. It stresses the body’s physical enhancement. It is more of a practice of rehabilitative exercise.


Yoga is associated with weight loss. In fast-paced power yoga, your body can burn 400 calories every hour. Yoga classes with meditation that emphasizes alignment, strength, and flexibility can burn 200 calories per hour. The calorie deficit is not much. Yoga promotes weight loss by establishing a connection between the mind and the body. This gives you the guidance of what to eat and also the feeling of fullness. Yoga minimizes stress, thus eliminating emotional over-eating.


Pilates exercises are known to provide relief to back pain. It is ideal for athletes and fitness freaks. The strength training program is an extraordinary one. However, Pilates has not contributed to weight loss. Only 150-200 calories are burnt per session of Pilates.

Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and Yoga are good forms of exercise for your body. Weight loss is possible when you can create a negative calorie balance by expending more calories than consumed. Yoga helps in bringing about a mental conviction that promotes healthy eating. Yoga teaches you to create a balance in your life.

You come to know your body better –its demands and how you can keep fit. You start feeding it better with your acquired knowledge. Stress reduction helps you in curbing emotional binging.

It is a fact that Yoga is better to achieve weight loss. However, you must not underestimate Pilates as a form of exercise. Pilates’ exercises help you gain a better posture and strong muscles. You will soon get a lean and toned body. Maintain your cardiovascular routine like walking, jogging, swimming, and complement it with Pilates and Yoga. The ideal exercise regime for you is that which you can perform consistently over the years.

Both are effective forms of exercise. However, if you are a weight watcher and want to lose the extra pounds, you must give yoga preference over Pilates. Gain control over your cravings and transform yourself into a slimmer and fitter you. You will love the transformation.


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