How Blogging Increases your Traffic for SEO

With the fast paced development in technology, it is now necessary to change with the times. Artists, who used to put their heart and soul in expressing their art on paper, now have to do the same using computers and the internet. Gone is the time when the masses connect to a piece of writing via a newspaper or a magazine.

Now is the time of internet; one such as medium which is massive and yet is still growing. To put up your work in such limitless sphere can be easy, but to get it noticed is very difficult. For this you need to do something extra along with writing.

Blogging: The new age writing


Writing on the internet can be as good as commenting on social media posts. But if you decide to write more and publish your work on the World Wide Web, then you should start blogging.

To understand blogging you first need to know what a blog is. A blog is a private space on the World Wide Web which is owned by you. You can do anything you want in that space and can publish it on the internet for an audience to view.

A blog is generally informal in nature and is managed by a single individual or a small group of people. Blogs are mostly informative and talk on various topics ranging from food to technology and from religion to fashion.

Blogs are also made by corporate giants for their customers to create online communities and to pass on informal communications. This is done as a loyalty builder program, which thus is not possible using a corporate site.

These days blogging is very much focused on things like fashion for example as it gives a big platform for budding writers to show their work. Other type of creative content includes developers and researchers- people like this also get to show their work to the world through blogging. With the current generation being hooked on to the internet for the majority of the day; bloggers have more of a chance of getting noticed and getting the desired exposure.

People no longer like carrying books around and at the same time, they find it relentless visiting the second page of Google. Thus to make your blog successful and to ensure your creativity is noticed by the content hungry masses, you need to do your blogging smartly.

Blogging smartly doesn’t always involve thinking of top notch creative content for all the posts on your blog. It is not that difficult. Smart blogging can be as simple as tweaking a few lines of your post in a little technical manner to get good SEO traffic attracted towards the blog, and that’s how your blog can get the desired success.

What do you mean by traffic on the internet?

Internet traffic is the amount of data that flows through the World Wide Web. For a single site on the internet, the internet traffic will be determined by the number of visitors on that particular site. Every person using the internet constitutes to be a single unit of the entire internet traffic. There are various sites to monitor the traffic on particular sites. Healthy traffic on any particular site or a blog gives it more exposure and assists in making it successful and publicly known.

Traffic can also be created by you as a blogger by constantly blogging about different things. This, constant upload of fresh new data from your blog can thus constitute for huge traffic on the internet and can prove useful for making SEO traffic which in turn can be attracted to your blog.

Let’s get to know about SEO in detail

Let’s get to know about SEO in detail

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The search engines periodically do an evaluation of all the web pages on it. This process is called as crawling. Search engines create databases by performing periodic crawls of the Internet. They weigh the value of each page and the value of the words which appear on it. Search engines put to use secret algorithms (mathematical formulas) to determine that value. These words having better value and weight are then picked up by the search engine and thus a better ranking is given to those respective pages having words with better value.

SEO (including White Label SEO) also involves a wide range of techniques. Techniques include; increasing the number of links from other websites to your web pages, editing the content of the website, reorganising the structure of your website and coding changes. It also involves checking and solving problems that might obstruct or prevent search engines from doing a full crawl of your website or blog.

Hence this process is called as Search Engine Optimisation because by doing SEO you optimise your chances of getting more traffic on your blog by getting a better ranking on the search engine. To generate healthy SEO traffic you ought to use the correct key words.

What is so special about the keywords?

Key words as mentioned earlier are the correct words which will generate traffic on your blog. Keywords are the words which your customers or viewers will search for in general.

Example – You are a fashion blogger and you are currently writing about bridal wear. The correct keyword for you should be focusing on is ‘wedding gown’, ‘bridal wear’ or anything of that sort. This is because these are the words that the internet users will type into search engines while searching for a ‘bridal wear’ store or a ‘bridal wear’ fashion designer. If you have used this keyword correctly and placed it adequately then there are high chances that the search engine will find your blog appropriate for anyone searching for anything related to bridal wear and thus will show your blog in the initial responses to the search result. This then will give your blog many viewers and a great exposure.

It sounds very easy to use keywords but it certainly is not. To use the right keywords you need to think of them firstly. For that, you have to think from the perspective of your target audience. You need to brainstorm a list of all the possible words your target audience will type into search engines to get the desired results. Your keywords must match those words to get a strong traffic on your blog.

SEO traffic doesn’t depend on keywords alone. These words then have to be placed strategically so that the search engines value them and recognise them, finding your blog relevant and matching to the search run by the user.

Titles can do much more than just being the headers

Titles can do much more than just being the headers

Titles are like the cream of the cake. They determine how good an article will work and that’s because they convey in short the emotion in the article. Anyone who goes looking for any relevant piece of writing skims through the titles of all the articles he/she has.

The title that looks most pleasing and matches to the needs of the reader is then chosen for further use. That’s the way you find the right article for you but that’s not just you who does it that way. Even the search engines go about in almost a similar manner.

The titles are not just normal headings to your article but also involve a lot of technical stuff behind it. Titles have something known as title tags on them. The title tag is an HTML title element critical to both SEO and user experience that is used to describes the topic of your article. The title tag is displayed in the top bar of internet browsers.

There are two goals that a good title must achieve:

It must make the user want to click to your page.

Search engines like Google uses the CTR (click-through rate) as a determinant for how relevant you are for a specific keyword. If your CTR is too low, relative to what Google expects you would get at a certain position, your rankings will drop and much of SEO traffic won’t be pulled towards you. Whereas the opposite is also true. So a title that encourages people to click will also help you rank better.

Get creative for SEO

Blogging is no more restricted towards just writing for your readers. It has more to it now.

Bloggers now have to use the right keywords in their articles and titles. This is to generate healthy SEO traffic on their blog. But this is just one side to it.

Blogging these days is also done just for an SEO purpose. A blog is a private space on the World Wide Web which is regularly updated and is very fashionable now. A blog can also give tremendous exposure to any corporate company or a corporate website.

A blogger can keep incorporating specific keywords in the titles and the articles and thus along with the blog, the corporate site can also come up during the web search because of the correct SEO activity that is done by the blog.

By frequent posting of content on a blog along with precise and unique keywords which are just common between that specific blog and the corporate company for which the blog is made, successful SEO activity can be done to increase the exposure of that company on the internet by pulling the SEO traffic.

The frequent posting of content will thus ensure that the keywords. Don’t miss out during the periodical crawling of the search engines. Hence a top ranking is always secured by the blog and the corporate owner of it.

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