How Parents Should Help Their Kids To Reach Their Goal

reach their goal

The competitive society forcing our children to concentrate on their academic study only. While we know that children should get involved in sports to develop their mental growth. But we think sports rather make addictive our children and distract from the academic study. We shouldn’t think in this way.

If a child loves to play all the time then we should let them play. Because they love playing more than study. We shouldn’t force them if they are weak in the study. If we look around us we will see lots of people also doing good in sports. Because their parents had taken the right decision prioritizing their kid’s choice.

So, parents play a great role that helps their kids reaching their goal. Let’s know more about how parents help their kids to reach their goals.

Start by observing your child:

If you don’t prefer to keep a babysitter that’s a great opportunity to observe your kids. Most of the working parents don’t get enough time to talk with their kids. This type of parents is the majority who forces their children to do something that their kids don’t want to do.

If you give your child enough time until they reach 10 years old, you will notice their favorite activities. Of course, they need schooling to represent them in the society in a better position. But we think only taking degrees makes a person successful.

So, first, observe the choice of your kids then decide where you want to see your kid.

Counseling is a great way to make their decision:

Lots of time kids think that they are not enough good what they are doing. As well they can also identify in which they can do better. But In such a situation, they can’t take the right decision. This situation mostly happens when they pass the school.

To come over this crucial moment we should counsel our kids about their preference. If they want to spend more time in any kind of sports whether football, athletic, or action sports such as riding Longboards, BMX, then we should not stop them. But shifting from one to another constantly will not help them to reach their ultimate goal.

Don’t complex the relationship:

Relation of parents with their children helps in every situation of the child. This mostly happens in a large family where parents don’t have enough opportunity to build a close relationship with their kids. They feel uncomfortable to talk about the confidential matter with all of their kids. This is also not possible for parents to manage and look after all the kids equally.

That’s why larger family makes the parent-child relationship more complex than smaller family. When the relationship is complex between a child and the parent, then it is not possible for parents to know what their kid love and what they want to be.

Sports and goal:

Sports is not only about healthy living. Sports help to take the challenges which are very important to pursue the goal. Sports is itself about taking challenges. The mindset and goal we make to take a challenge in sports and to be the best, it inspires us to take the challenges in our profession. That’s why sports and academic is not contrary but these are the supplement of one another.

Don’t make unrealistic expectation:

We are not equally capable of doing everything. But when it comes about parenting we expect so much from our kids. We should expect from them within their limit. When your kid is doing good in anything encourage them to do better. But don’t push them to do so. It’s a dangerous step toward children. The expectation should be realistic according to the facility and opportunity that your kids have.

Don’t make them sad:

When we do something great we expect a compliment from our beloved person. But kids expect more than old the person. They need compliments to take them a step forward. The compliment is the only thing that inspires someone to work hard. But when our kids get low marks or fail in the exam we yell at them.

Even we tell them they are useless. while compliment inspires a kid, but yelling and discouraging makes them guilty. Most of the school going children lose interest to continue the study when this happens to them.

Support them in depression:

There are lots of reason to be depressed. Though depression is a problem for a certain period. But continuous depression or often depression is a barrier to get success. A student generally gets depressed when they can’t perform well in their study. This is also the same for a kid who does play sports. In such situation support of parents is the key to feel them they can do better.

Whenever you see your kids facing this problem constantly, it would be better to see him/ her a psychiatric to understand his/ her mind. Some people get depressed for a silly matter. Even though they are doing well in their field.

Practicing leadership:

Leadership is a way that helps a person to take the decision. When someone directs a group of people, he/she has to direct them according to a plan. And we know, without a plan it’s not possible to accomplish the goal. So, the leader has to take the responsibility to take the plan successful. And everything depends on the decision and plan of the leader.

When our kids will practice the leadership in their school project or in any voluntary projects, it will help them to take the decision fast. They will get the chance to discuss with other members of the project that helps a kid to think from various angle. This is like brainstorming which is necessary to develop the mind of our kids. If we encourage our kids to participate in such projects it will help them to decide what is best for them.

So, these are all the key points that are so much important to decide the goal of a kid. Our kids just need our support to take the right decision. Parents should cooperate kids to choose their goal not to decide for them to choose their goal.