7 Great Decor & Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers

gift ideas for travel lovers

Wanderlust is not just a word, but a feeling. It’s an emotion that motivates travelers to work hard and travel harder. Some people are born with the instinct to cover the whole earth before it covers them.

Nothing apart from traveling and adventure inspires them. For all the travel enthusiasts out there, even the home decor has to be related to their trips and voyages. What could be better than having a travel-themed wall that makes you want to get up every morning and hustle?

If you’re someone who’s into traveling, you know the pain of waiting for the next journey. To make the pain more bearable, incorporate the travel essence in your house. Opt for a decor that boasts wanderlust vibes and makes you want to work for it. For those who wish to find the best gift ideas for travel lovers.

Keep reading to know the ideal travel-inspired decor tips as well as gifting alternatives.

Here’s a list Best 7 Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers.

Attractive Yet Spacious Duffel Bags

Duffel Bags

A traveler lives thousands of lives and requires an equal number of bags to carry the stuff comfortably. And, what could be better than gifting the travel freak an ecstatic bag? When it comes to travel bags, nothing can beat the versatility of duffel bags.

From hiking to beach trips, you can use the duffels anywhere. Also, their versatility is not just limited to traveling. You can use the same bag as a laundry bag or carry some groceries in it as well.

So, grab a branded duffel bag for your traveler buddy’s next birthday today!

Add On Some Personalized Artwork Decor

Just when you decide to transform the whole room, think of some travel-inspired decor ideas. If you’re one of the travel freaks, then your house must speak the same. Opt for some travel themed decor and art pieces to decorate your whole living room.

You can fetch some personalized cushions or posters for the same. Choose the favorite scenes and pictures captured during the trips and get them customized.

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Make sure to add the cushions in the bedroom as well. Also, the right place for the posters is on the blank wall right in front of your bed. Not only will this inspire you to work more, but it also creates a sense of responsibility.

Passport Holders With Personalized Names

Passport Holders

Another amazing option while gifting your travel buddy is a unique and customized passport holder. One of the most important things for any person who loves traveling is their passport. And, there’s nothing better than protecting that jewel with a personalized cover.

So, get one made with their name imprinted on the front cover. Not only will this make your friend happy, but it also proves to be a useful gift.

What’s even better is that the holders usually come with extra pockets. You can keep the cards, photographs and crucial papers in the holder as well.

Get Hold Of Vintage Postcards For Decor

If you’re a traveler, you know how amazing it is to have a wall full of postcards. The beauty increases two folds when the postcards belong to your favorite trips and journeys. Grab such cards and embellish them on the walls of your room. You can either make it a string like a pattern or hang them vertically.

Either way, it enhances the appeal of your room. Don’t forget to add a task light over the postcards.

Go ahead with this in-budget decor with the best pictures and relive those precious moments again.

Accessories To Style The Travel Outfits

As a traveler, one thing that you require all the time is attractive outfits. Accessories happen to be the backbone of every outfit. On the journey towards your favorite destinations, you need to be well-dressed. Along with choosing the best travel-friendly clothes, you need some accessories that amazingly complete the attire.

One of the best accessory options for a travel junkie is a vintage world map necklace. You can also grab some bracelets that boast wanderlust vibes. Fetch your favorite travel-inspired accessories today and fulfill your outfit goals with perfection. Also, don’t forget to look out for clothes with travel-related slangs.

Hang An Inspiring Yet Attractive Map Canvas

Attractive Map Canvas

Instead of opting for a map poster or a huge board for your main wall, go for the canvases. Not only will it fill up more space, but also add a unique feel to the room. Apart from the map canvas, you must grab some travel postcards and globes to complete the living room decor. The United States Scratch Off Map can be a great alternative for the map canvas. It will also allow you to keep track of all the cities you explored to date.

Grab the canvas today and keep the home decor game on point and travel-friendly.

Keep The Sound On With Gadgets

Sound On With Gadgets

Next, on the list of every traveler are the electronic gadgets that make them go crazy. While exploring your favorite places, all you need is a good music system to keep you occupied. Also, every journey feels even more amazing with good music and delicious food. So, gift your travel buddy a good pair of wireless headphones or a durable Bluetooth speaker. You can also settle with an iPod for an in-budget gift option.

Make sure not to compromise on the quality of the product. Every travel freak will surely love any electronic device that offers good music and sound.

Final Verdict

Traveling is all about finding yourself while exploring the serene beauty of nature. When it comes to gifting someone who’s so much into this serenity, you must think and decide. For a traveler, anything that helps in easing out the journeys is the best gift.

So, gift your loved ones some travel-friendly items. From personalized travel cushions to wireless gadgets, you can get them absolutely anything.

Along with the travel-inspired items, even a traveler’s home decor has to be on point. So, rejuvenate your rooms with something that speaks of your wanderlust nature skillfully.


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