Find out Everything About Clarins Double Serum

A serum refers to a formula or distillate that penetrates deeper into the skin layers for nourishing, hydrating, and revitalizing skin apart from keeping aging at bay. It is usually used after cleansing and toning, but the current moisturizer is not working as per your desire before moisturizing the skin.

Moisturizers usually do not break down deeper than serums do, and that several of them lack the desired nutrients. Moreover, one considers a serum also when they feel that the skin needs a dedicated product that handles a specific issue like aging or hydration or several issues altogether. Therefore, if you are looking for a serum that can deal with all aging problems, you might consider Clarins Double Serum.


According to the manufacturer, Double Serum is the only anti-aging remedy that revitalizes five important functions essential for youthfully glowing skin: Hydration, oxygenation, protection, nutrition, and regeneration. Therefore, the lightweight serum works to improve collagen production, hydration, and radiance while combating aging symptoms, stress effects, and pollution signs. As a result, the manufacturer claims your skin to get smoother, firmer, and more resilient each day.

Considered the Complete Age Control Concentrate, the serum is an essential remedy that imparts complexion with the strong support of almost 20 plant extracts. Formulated after 30 years of anti-aging study and skills, the serum encompasses the two-fold power of lipidic (oil-soluble) and hydric (water-soluble) formulation in two different pump dispensers mixed when you apply, which ensure maximum concentration of skin-friendly ingredients directly delivered to the skin.

Research Outcomes

To prove the effectiveness of Clarins Double Serum, a clinical test was conducted on 197 women for a month, for four weeks to be precise. After this period, Who found that approximately 87% of women witnessed firmer skin and less visible pores, while 79% observed reduced wrinkles. Further, of 197, 88% observed an evener skin tone. As per another survey, 45 of 50 Asian women agreed that this serum is more effective than the standard serums in use.

Double Serum Claims

Although the Double Serum has been in the market for some time, its new formula has more targeted action. As a result, the product can:

  • Boost hydration by 75% for four hours, postponing the visibility of wrinkles and retaining skin’s softness
  • Increase the rate at which nutrients go deep into the cells for maintaining suppleness
  • Improve oxygenation for maintaining radiance
  • Kindle the genetic activity involved in protection from premature aging
  • Regenerate the skin by increasing collagen’s and glycosaminoglycan’s production for a firm and smooth appearance

Formula and Ingredients

Strong, high-tech molecules power the award-winning bestseller from Clarins; the award-winning bestseller from Clarins contains two age-defying formulas into one revolutionary remedy that supports vital skin functions.

This remedy contains the Guangzhou extract as the chief ingredient specifically developed for the brand. It kindles G protein, the essential one for cell membranes that amplifies the signals sent to cells, which significantly boosts the efficacy of the 20 plant extracts.

The serum is also rich in burdock, katafray bark, and organic marshmallow extracts, which stimulate the natural moisturizing factors and ensure moisture retention in two sections, namely, dermis and epidermis. It also has kiwi fruit extracts, organic macadamia oil, and organic perilla oil for boosting cell nutrition and reinforcing lipidic cement.

For oxygenating the skin, the serum has maritime pine extract, arnica extract, and organic rosehip oil, while organic green tea, organic quinoa, pistachio tree, and oxydendron extracts ensure the neutralization of free radicals as well as skin barrier reinforcement.

Finally, the extracts of organic green banana, avocado, hop, lemon thyme, phytosphingosine, cocoa, and organic oat sugars are included to preserve the renewal potential of the epidermis through surface tightening.


Ideal for normal, dry, and oily skin Care; Double Serum is not that heavy for young skin of the 20s. Therefore, do not feel weird if you feel the need to use an anti-aging product so early.

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