Facts About Ovarian Cancer

types of ovarian cancer
types of ovarian cancer

The signs of ovarian cancer are evident months before the cancer is detected. These symptoms are not easily diagnosed unless the person has been having her regular checkup. This is the reason why ovarian cancer is detected at the later stages. Symptoms of this type of cancer are quite often ruled out because of the fact that this type of cancer can be sometimes benign.

For instance, a woman has digestive problem and stomach swelling these can be ruled out and ignored since it may be associated with other problems. These are two conditions that most of us are experiencing and are being also ignored most of the time. Statistics show that more than 22,000 women are afflicted with this type of cancer. If detected earlier, this type of cancer can be treated.

Ovarian cancer if detected its early stage, before it scattered from the organ has 99 percent chance of overcoming it and has a chance to live at least for another five years. However, only 20% of ovarian cancer is detected in its early stage. Most of this type of cancer doesn’t involve the main organ as part of the symptoms. That is the reason why ovarian cancer is detected in later stages. In the stomach, imaging ovaries are sometimes overlooked.

Having pelvic pain or stomach ache is not the only sign that the woman has this type of cancer. It usually requires a lot of testing before the doctor can give the person medications and treatments. If after several tests have dismissed other causes, then tests for cancer should be considered. This type of cancer is relatively rare in women. Only a small number of women are afflicted with this type of cancer.

Because of the elusive nature of this type of cancer and the occurrence of the symptoms are rarely noticed, early detection is important in determining the survival rate of women afflicted with this cancer. The woman should take a greater part in detecting this disease.

Cancer tests for the ovarian should be done at the start of the diagnosis process once the doctor ruled out other causes for the symptoms. The key to the woman’s survival depends on her early response to the symptoms connected to cancer. According to research, CA125 and ultrasound test were effective in identifying this type of cancer earlier even if the women are at high risk of having the disease.

A woman is said to be in risk of having cancer if she has a relative having the same disease. If in case this is the situation, in the early sign of cancer woman should subject herself to have her blood test taken. It is the best way to detect this type of disease but may also produce a false positive result. A statistic is not a good basis for determining cancer. Experts believed that this type of cancer needs research in detecting the disease. The woman should be educated about this disease. Early detection can lead to a cure. Simple signs and symptoms should not be neglected.


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  2. Women should also ask their doctors about clinical trials that are evaluating immunotherapy as well as other new treatments,” she adds.

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