Facial Exercises – 8 Minute Facial Workout for Taser, Younger You

A descriptive guide to the best facial exercises for tauter, young-looking skin.

Can facial exercises make cosmetic surgeries redundant? The Ultimate Facercise Programme by founder C. Maggio is claimed to even out wrinkle, rejuvenate eyes, chisel jaw-lines & necks & even plump-up pouts innately – all this noticeable in merely six days by just devoting 8 minutes two times daily.

Maggio, whose original Facercise novel was a global top-seller strongly believes that when one works the face against a resistance – finger-pressure it would be working analogously as weight-lifting could alter body form & skin tone.

People need to be cautioned that in the case of facial exercises less actually is more. When the face is overworked by going overboard with the reps, the reverse occurs – you’ll end up looking bush. The mantra is consistency, patience & sincerity towards sticking to the plan, and one is bound to begin noticing an improvement in just a week.

Hear best top 10 Facial Exercises

best top 10 Facial Exercises

1. Eye-Opening Facercise

Claims – Helps in toning the eyelids & lessens puffy appearance underneath the eyes and make they seem more significant, youthful & lesser droopy.


  • We are placing forefingers in concert amid the eyebrows.
  • Now somewhat wrapping the thumbs about the outer eye crooks replicating donning eyeglasses around the eye.
  • Squeezing the eyes firmly closed whilst one pulls the duo forefingers upwards to a slight extent amid the eyebrows & pull the thumbs out toward the top portion of the ear areas as one does so.
  • The eyes are to be kept closed & continue to pull upwards & outwards using fingers so that the eye muscles work continually against finger pressure till forty seconds.

2. Furrow-Smoothening Facercise

Claims – Raising the eyebrow & diminishing the hood look of upper eyelid areas while also smoothening out vertically formed lines amid eyebrows & creases athwart the temples.


  • They are spreading fingers across the central part of the forehead.
  • Pulling fingertips downwards against the eyebrows as one pushes brows up, which creates a tensing in the temple area muscles.
  • Eyebrows are to be kept pushed up & fingers to pull downwards till thirty seconds. I am doing this exercise two times daily.
  • For people with deep-set creases repeating this exercise thrice daily is recommended.
  • Maggio even suggests going to bed at nights with operative tapes placed on the temple creases or lines, allowing muscle relaxation whilst one dreams & one would soon notice even lines on waking up.

3. Lower Eyelids Lifting Facercise

Claims – Helps in firming muscles of the eyes for diminishing darkish circles & reducing puffy under-eyes.


  • You are being either seated upright or prone position.
  • Somewhat placing forefingers at the eyes’ outer crooks – where one could yet be feeling the lower lashes.
  • She is now squinting firmly upwards with the lower lids.
  • When done right, one must be feeling the outer eye muscles pulsing.
  • They are looking upwards to the roof.
  • Pushing the face forwards & shoulders backwards to create resistance or optionally pushing feet into the ground.
  • This squinting is to be held for forty seconds and to be done two times daily.
  • Those with excess under-eye puffy appearance must be repeating the exercise thrice.

4. Cheeks-Boosting Facercise

Claims – Lifting face muscles that proffer definition to the cheek areas & helping to refill the under-eye sunken regions.


  • It was somewhat placing forefingers on the top part of the cheeks.
  • Smiling with the upper lip’s central part whilst one thinks of the phrase ‘Eww’ alike what one sounds on lately smelling something disgusting.
  • Pull the upper lip flattish against the teeth.
  • Firmly keeping both lips pulled apart from one another (deploy lip areas instead of jaw pivot for doing so) & feeling each cheek moving underneath the forefingers.
  • You are repeating these smiles, releasing, pondering of ‘Eww’ for twenty reps.

5. Nose Transforming Facercise

Claims – Our noses are in a state of continual development as we grow older, which could be ageing our faces. This Facercise would assist in retaining a young, tauter form. A proper-toned nose could also conceal minor flaws in the nose like bumps or hollows.


  • Grasping the nasal bridge using thumb & forefinger & pushing the thumb & forefinger in toward the face.
  • We are moving the nasal tip upwards in a firm manner deploying the other forefinger.
  • I flexed the nasal muscles downward at the analogous instant by drawing the upper lip downwards over the teeth.
  • Holding for a second & then releasing the lip, doing forty reps.
  • Nasal tip pushing against the finger must be felt on every instant.

6. Lips Lifting Facercise

Claims – This exercise helps in firming the crooks of your mouth that tend drooping as one age.


  • I am pressing lips in concert then pulling the crooks of the mouth in firmly.
  • Holding this look & tapping forefingers at the crooks of the mouth.
  • Moving fingers upwards & downwards at the crooks of the mouth as one visualizes one’s oral scammers move upwards & downwards till one experiences a burning feeling in the muscles at both sides of the mouth.
  • Pulsing forefingers upwards & downwards swiftly for forty seconds to perk up the burn while one works the muscles to the max limit.
  • After the Facercise, keeping lip sealed & ensure blowing in-between them, ensuring that one vibrates one’s lips for releasing any tensions.

7. Lips Plumping Facercise

Claims – Helps in proffering mouth fullness, youth & tautness sans the need to go through expensive filler methods.


  • Curling upper lip underneath itself & press it up athwart the gum.
  • Holding it in position using forefinger & then pressing the central part of the upper lip using the other forefinger.
  • Envisage squashing an orb in the central part of the lip & gradually pull finger away on every instant.
  • While one begins feeling the burn, rubbing lip with twenty swift spherical movements.
  • I am repeating the Facercise, though using thumb & forefinger for pressing & releasing at both corners of the mouth concurrently.
  • No sooner does not senses a burn in the crooks, making twenty swift spherical moves over the regions using thumb & forefinger.

8. Nasal Plumping Facercise

Claims – Aids in plumping out & smoothening the deep-set line formations emanating from the nostril to the mouth crook.


  • I am keeping the upper lip pressed against the teeth forming an oval outline at the mouth’s crooks.
  • In a gradual manner moving fingers up the nasal-labia line formations starting from the mouth crooks to the nasal thieves.
  • On getting to the nasal area, gradually moving fingers toward the opposing direction and getting to the mouth again.
  • Continue to repeat this till one senses a burn in the nasal-labial stripe.
  • It was now pulsing the fingers upwards & downwards swiftly till thirty seconds.

9. Jaws-Toning Facercise

Claims – An easy-to-do exercise that helps strengthen a saggy jaw-line, offering additional lifting & toning & more excellent definition – ideal for double-chinned people.


  • Opening the mouth & rolling the lower lip on top of the lower teeth.
  • I am making a small mouth rather than a grin.
  • I am keeping the top lip pressed against the teeth.
  • Gradually opening & close the mouth for five reps as though the chin & mouth crooks is linked & functioning in concert to close the mouth.
  • Holding the last pose with mouth shut for some seconds & then pulling chin upwards toward the roof for a further 1cmm & holding the pose again.

10. Chin-Neck Lifting Facercise

Claims – Assists in firming the neck, chin & jaws to get riddance from chin sagginess.


  • I was placing one of the hands-on the frontal part of the neck lightly.
  • Spreading the other hand outwards just to the fore of yourself, palm placed flattened on the barrier.
  • Pointing chin towards the roof & smiling healthily, push the tongue outwards & curl it toward the nose.
  • Hold the look, pushing away from the barrier with hand swiftly as though one was seated in a moving chair.
  • Pushing away & rocking backwards for thirty reps.
  • Turning the head towards the left (keep chin up & curling tongue upwards & the other hand on the neck) & then looking over the shoulder.
  • Rocking for thirty reps & then look over yet again on the right shoulder.

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