How to Import PST to Office 365 – Step By Step Guide

If you want to import PST to Office 365 without any data loss, then try Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. This tool highly secure and reliable.

Importing PST to Office 365 is a difficult task for every user who use this platform to save crucial data. However, most of the users depend on Office 365, as they are very much awestruck with Microsoft 365 security features. For that reason, users are agreeable to import PST to Office 365 without any second thought. Hence, to keep the data protected, one must trust Office 365 as it guarantees users proper data security. Most of the users these days are running their business, whether it is small, medium, or large enterprises.

Everyone requires a platform that keeps their day-to-day data and maintains it properly. So that whenever they want to go through it, they can get it easily without any hassle. Users do not trust any platform when it comes to the protection of their data. Since Microsoft has launched Office 365, every user has decided to migrate PST to Office 365 anyhow. In the following blog, we will discuss the benefits of the migration process. There will also be approaches and will suggest a professional tool for the whole procedure. So read the full blog to get all the important details.

What are the benefits of Migrating PST to Microsoft 365?

Many users are very comfortable with Microsoft 365 as it is easy to access the data, and users can rely on this platform anytime. Several users are well informed about the security and features of the platform. Therefore, they know how to use this platform. Thus, some users need to be fully aware of this platform, as they have just begun using Office 365. Hence, for users who need to learn about the benefits of the platform. Here we are sharing a few for them.

  • Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that is widely accessible to all users. One can access the data from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. With its advanced facility, it regularly backs up the data stored in Office 365.
  • Users can easily set up Office 365 as soon as they finish installing the tool.
  • Office 365 has the facility to edit, communicate, or manage the project remotely, as many organizations work these days remotely.
  • Microsoft 365 regularly updates the data so users do not have to migrate their data repeatedly.
  • For any organization, data is a very crucial asset, and if users face any data loss in that scenario, they should import PST to Office 365 quickly.
  • Office 365 always keeps its product up to date, as no users have to keep on checking for new updates. It will automatically update to the newest version as soon as any new version is launched.

 What are the different approaches to upload PST to Office 365?

Now that users are willing to proceed with the migration process, everyone is looking for a better and easier way to commence the task. Therefore, users are informed that there are two ways to import PST to Office 365 swiftly: the manual method and the professional third-party tool. Manually, the task is difficult for the users. The manual method requires a lot of technical knowledge, so only a technical expert will be able to proceed with the task.

Thus, users should begin the process with the professional tool, as it is the safest way to commence the task. The professional tool will guide every user in every step, and it will make the procedure very easy. Conversely, make sure to choose the correct tool to migrate PST to Office 365, as it becomes difficult for the users to opt for the tool. In the following paragraph, check out the professional tool that we will be suggesting to the users.

Which is the best tool to import PST to Office 365

Now that everyone knows that the professional method is the safest way to commence the task, everyone looks for a reliable tool. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of work for the users to pick a correct and reliable tool for the procedure. Thus, users should try the Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool for the whole procedure.

Every technical and non-technical user will be able to run the task with the mentioned utility. It is one of the trusted utilities, and users can trust this tool for the process. Here, we are sharing some of the features of the tool.

  • With the PST to Office 365 migration tool, users can easily proceed with the process without any glitches.
  • This utility can swiftly repair the damaged and corrupted PST file in numerous targets.
  • The software can save the data in various other formats other than PST, i.e., EML, MSG, HTML, vCal, and vCard.
  • The tool work with all the version of MS Outlook.
  • It strictly maintains the folder hierarchy and data integrity.
  • There is a preview option so that users can preview their data before the final step to migrate PST to Office 365.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface that makes the whole procedure very easy-going for the users.
  • At last, after the task is concluded, the software will prepare the live report of the entire task.


If users wish to import PST to Office 365, they must rely on the cited tool, as it is better to go with the reliable tool. One can trust this tool as it guarantees users a proper migration process without harming the data stored in it. The software offers a free trial version also for the users. So download the trial version and experience more about the tool in detail.

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