Easy Hairstyles For Kids

Styling your kids’ hair to give them a look that is truly trendy and fashionable is, probably among the biggest challenges most parents have to face today. The trends are changing fast and one hairstyle that is in fashion today may not be as popular just a couple of months from now.

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So, keeping up with the latest kids’ hairstyle trends is important for every parent to make sure that their beloved looks the most stunning and cool wherever he goes. However, if you have had a hard time selecting some of the easy hairstyles for kids from the lot, here we have listed some of the trending hairdos that kids will rock this year. Let’s take a look!

1. Kid Bun

Kid Bun

Your little Samurai will always look amazing in a kid bun. Just let him grow his hair and tie it loosely into a cool looking bun. Overall, it looks amazing and your kid will catch every eye wherever he goes.

2. Fade With Hard Part

Fade With Hard Part

Fade Haircuts never go out of style, and that’s what you need to keep your kid flaunting a neat and clean look. Want it even better? Go for a hard part and style his hair with a bit of gel or other styling product. It will definitely give him an adorable vibe.

3. Textured Haircuts

Textured Haircuts

Textured haircuts have always been a cool styling option for kids and it won’t change in 2020 either. If your kid loves to enjoy a casual look, this is particularly what he needs. Keep a cool texture on top and go for faded sides to have a more dramatic look.

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4. Undercuts


Undercuts are probably the coolest hairstyle option for kids. Be it a disconnected undercut or a normal one, your kid is certainly going to rock this look this year. Undercuts can be worn with just about every hairstyle option be it combed back or a quiff or any other hairstyle that you can think of. What’s even better is that it even qualifies for the black boys’ haircuts and goes perfectly with those kinky locks. So, you can’t ask for anything better than this versatile hairdo for your young gun.

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5. Spikes


Another cool, unique, and trendy hairstyle for kids, spikes can be anything from short to long hair raised upwards and kept in place with a styling product. Combine it with an undercut or a fade and you have a perfect look for both formal and casual events.

6. Undercut With Top Knot

Undercut With Top Knot

Boys can go casual when growing up and they can easily rock just about any look. That’s exactly what we’re going to follow this year with undercut and top knot coming together to offer your kid a perfectly casual hairstyle. Just leave the hair on top long enough that it can be tied into a beautiful top knot.

7. Mid Fade With Mohawk

Another cool hairstyle that is going to rock this year is a Mohawk. It’s a trendy hairstyle that never seems to go out of fashion. Pretty much similar to spikes, this one also requires you to raise your hair up and style it with a gel. Combine it with a mid fade and you have a more than perfect hairstyle for your little one.

8. Comb Over Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyle

Another beautiful hairstyle for kids who love sporting more of a formal look, comb-over requires you to sweep the hair backward and keep it in place with a styling product. This neat and formal look will also be in fashion this year and any kid out there can rock it to perfection.

9. Layered Hairstyles

Layered Hairstyles

Layers are always a great source of adding elegance and charm to one’s personality and that’s exactly what they do to kids. Many kids have already been seen in this beautiful hairstyle this year and we’re sure to see even more.

10. Taper Haircuts

Last, but not least, taper haircuts will also be in fashion this year for kids. Just get your little one a beautiful taper fade and style his hair with a cool side part to create a perfect vibe. Overall, it looks great.

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So, pick a few of these wonderful hairstyle options for kids this year and let your little one flaunt his beautiful style and personality. He’ll be the center of attraction in every party and event and every eye is sure to notice him. Just ensure that you make a choice according to his face shape and overall look so that it suits him to perfection.

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