What is the Difference Between XML vs HTML


XML vs Html are both languages used in the computer for making websites and coding purposes. This article helps you to the difference between XML vs Html.

Html primarily focuses on how data looks and makes better, and the XML helps you store the data structurize the data, and transform information.

In the below, I give complete information about this and its uses and differences.

What is HTML?

HTML is the Hypertext Markup Language. It will help you display the data on the pc and describe the web page structure.

Many times, people need to generate a hyperlink in the blog or on the website, so in that case, a hyperlink helps you to create the link.

HTML helps you to create the link in the document and ignore the minor error.

In the HTML, two types of tags opening tag and closing the title, HTML is unnecessary to the closing tag.

HTML is the PC language; it will help you to make any blog and website development.

HTML is code in brackets, but when you upload any image or text any video, they convert it into the HTML language and store it on the computer.

There are separate languages of the particular function, and they show in words.

There are two types of words, bold and italics, in the HTML.

These are the all about HTML.

What is XML?

XML means the Extensible Markup Language is also a one programming language is used in the same as HTML.

XML is created by the Wide Web Consortium (w3c). XML uses the defines the document structure well.

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The XML mainly uses the ATOM and RSS feed information.

XML is readable, and it will read by the human and robot very quickly.

There is most of the textual data format in the XML data, and it focuses on generality and simplicity.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of both the term.

HTML Advantages

HTML is elementary to learn

HTML helps you to build the website and blog

HTML is supported in all the browser

in the HTML, plain text is used, so it is easy to edit and type. HTML is essential of all programming language in the HTML; you can compress the text and make to fat download and fast website speed.

HTML Disadvantages

In HTML, it is a most significant disadvantage because you can only create static and plain text.

HTML requires the coding language. If you learn, then it’s easy for you, but you are new, then it will hard t manage and type all the data.

It’s tough for a newbie person, but it’s easy for you to work well.

It takes time to for making pages because lots of codes are in that.

XML Advantages

The most significant and super advantage of XML is extendable.

XML is very easy to read because it’s in text format.

XML is compatible with java. Also, if you learn the JAVA, then it will help you in the JAVA also.

XML supports you to the Unicode.

XML document is free of any syntax error.

XML Disadvantages

XML is very easy, but some disadvantages are also XML is verbose.

XML is not supported in the array.

if you are compared to another format like java and other code is less readable

it’s all about the advantages and disadvantages of the HTML and XML

Let’s see now the difference between in two-term in detail.

Difference Between the HTML vs XML



HTML is the markup language used in the pc XML also has the markup language and framework
HTML ignores the small types of error XML does not ignore the small type of error.
HTML is not case sensitive XML is the case sensitive
HTML tags are predefined tags XML tags are not predefined tags they are user tags
In the HTML limited number of tags are used In the XML are extensible tags are used.


HTML is the static XML is the dynamic
HTML stands for the Hyper Text Markup Language XML stands for the Extensible Markup Language


Version History XML vs HTML

Version Year

  1. HTML – 1991
  2. HTML 2.0 – 1995
  3. HTML 3.2 – 1997
  4. HTML 4.01 – 1999
  5. XHTML – 2000
  6. HTML5 – 2014
  7. History of XML
  8. Version Year
  9. XML 1.0 – 1998
  10. XML 1.1 – 2004


The difference between XML vs Html is complete detailed information is given in that article both are terms are work with a different programming language and this is mostly used in the computer.

For making websites and blogs HTML and XML, tags are used.


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