How To Delete Bookmarks

how to delete bookmarks

Bookmark is the term used in the browser so you using the browser then you know the bookmark so in this article we see how to delete bookmarks

Bookmark is used by almost all people because it’s easy to handle you can get your result or any site quickly

So first understand the bookmark

What is Bookmark

Bookmark is used for the directly open you any site without type URL in the google search or without type any keyword

So for this, you need to first time open this site and bookmark this site then next time you don’t need to type URL or any other keyword

First understand the main term bookmark is different in different browser

So manage according to browser

Mostly used the browser is chrome because its more popular and user-friendly so lots of people have used this browser

What Are Chrome Bookmarks?

Chrome Bookmark are those bookmark you can store any site or URL for your future use or you can say daily use

If you need any site for daily use than in that condition you need to type the URL daily in the chrome browser

But bookmark help you to find the URL without typing or in a single click then it’s easy for you

Chrome bookmark is very easy

You need to solid star only and simply your any URL is a bookmark

Chrome is the largest used browser so most people are used the chrome bookmark and its interface is also easy.

Why Delete Chrome Bookmarks?

How to delete a bookmark or why delete this bookmark

So sometimes you are bookmark any site bookmark the site unexpectedly

In that case, you need to delete it, so it is straightforward

Bookmark is sometimes you mistakenly create so in that time you need only to delete that because you are not using this so delete the unused bookmarks.

To delete the bookmark almost eight procedure

But I cover the simple method so you can delete an easy bookmark in a single click

How to Delete Bookmarks Procedure or steps

1. Right-click on any bookmark and select “Delete.”

Right-click on any bookmark and select Delete.

So this method is very easy you can just open the bookmark URL and simply right click and select the delete option and delete it

So you can easily delete your bookmark URL

2. Open The Bookmark Manager

Its method is for at that time is very useful

When you want to delete the two or more bookmark

So in that case you go to chrome setting and open the bookmark manager in that you can see two options

One is the other bookmark, desktop bookmark, and mobile bookmark so you can choose accordingly you

desktop bookmark

And delete it its one of the step to delete the bookmark

3. Browse your Bookmark

Its one of the step to see all bookmark and hear you can see and delete manually

Browse your Bookmark

Because its very simple you can delete them easily

You need to click the top right corner in that you see the option set bookmark show bookmark and lots off

If you save the bookmark then you can see there

You see all bookmark you can delete easily and see also

These are all the steps you can delete the bookmark easily

If you want any problem comment below our team is help you as soon as possible

How to Delete Bookmark on Chrome From the Web Page

You want to delete the bookmark page then you need to follow anyone step above given

You can easily delete the bookmark

That easiest method is the Right-click on any bookmark and selects “Delete.” this one is the easiest method

How to Delete Bookmarks Using the Chrome Bookmark Manager

If you want to delete the bookmark using the chrome bookmark manager

Then you need to follow this step


  1. You need to open the chrome
  2. Then go to the setting of chrome
  3. In the chrome setting, you see the bookmark manager
  4. In that bookmark manager, you manage all activity
  5. So you want to delete a bookmark
  6. Simply delete it

Follow this all step you can delete all the bookmarks using the google chrome bookmark manager

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How to delete the bookmarks is the given all information in this article

Step by step guide is given in that article so you can only simply follow the steps and delete your bookmark.

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