CRO vs SEO: Which One To Emphasise More Now?

CRO stands for Conversion rate optimization whereas SEO refers to Search engine optimization. Both are significant aspects for any business growth and you can never say one wins over the other. Well, every digital marketing agency knows that both the strategies play a different role in growing the website’s online presence and hence uses both for their advantage.

CRO is practiced continuously for converting leads into sales and SEO helps in improving the website’s rankings on SERP. You just have to understand both the terms to make their optimum utilization.

However, most of the marketing in fluencers end up focusing more on SEO leaving behind CRO. Traffic does come up on those sites due to SEO strategiesbutdoes not get converted as it lacks CRO. All the efforts made on SEO will go in vain if CROis not executed side by side. Practicing SEO strategies alone is not sufficient for getting conversions. In order to correctly identify the importance of CRO, you need to acknowledge the below mentioned connection between conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization.


Well, content marketing is vital part of any website. A unique and informative content on the website seems attractive to the customerand they tend to learn more about the services of your products. This was the role of SEO strategy.

While creating the content, try adding CTA which will request the website visitors to register on the site for regular updates. This is the role CRO which is letting the customer connect with the web site. You may add on a field where customers can leave their comments or suggestions regarding the services or products or may be the thoughts of your brand.


Keywords are necessary aspects to optimize the website and this has been well understood by companies providing SEO services. This SEO strategy can be combined with CRO. This is a way to find the target customers. With the help of CRO,customer’s behaviour can be tracked whether they want to buy the product or need informationabout it.

Accordingly, select the keywords to target the right customer at the right time.Try to incorporate “buy now” keywords, “product keywords” which willcreate direct traffic to the website and will eventually increase conversion rate.

3. Conversion rate optimization A/B testing

Well, you keep on assuming the right and wrong things for you and your brand. SEO strategy is to assume the right steps for your brand but to test and emphasize on the right ones is the role of CRO.

To learn that whatever you have decided for your customers is suiting them well or not, you have got to do A/B testing on your strategies. You will also get to know which element of your strategy is making the customers happy, be it a design, image, content or any other strategy.


Since many of the visitors are already present on your site, the role of SEO is over here but to convert this traffic into leads, CRO is required. Well, a Call to Action is the button of profitsintroduced by CRO. You can add the button either at the starting or at the middle of the page. Do not add it at the end of it since people are barely engaged till the end of the content.

You can also make the button attractive by using colour contrasts. It may also seem eye catchy to the customers. This conversion rate optimization strategy is very helpful in converting the traffic to leads.


Once the customer enters the website, the sales funnel starts right away then. The task of SEO was to rank your brand better and put the attention of all the visitors on your site. While adding CRO, you engage the customers onto the pageto get the conversions. It’s then your task to provide them the right information they have been looking for so far.

To aid your sales funnel, your website needs to be on the point, responsive and must carry all the important information which generally people look out for.

So, from the above, one can say that SEO and CRO are inter related.SEO leads to traffic generation, while CRO converts that traffic.This combination is best suited to get the desired results in terms of traffic as well as conversions.

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