Core Body Reformer Workouts

core body reformer

The Core Body Reformer is like a personal gym. The Core Body Reformer serves as a multi-exercise machine to your benefits of a number of separate gym types of equipment.

The Core Body Reformer is like three workouts rolled in one. It gives you the flexibility you would get from yoga, calorie-burn you will get from dance and Pilates for muscle strength and tone.

Its workouts are smoothly done without abrupt movements. It does not have jerky weight movements often done to create bulging muscles. The Core Body Reformer has a number of exercise options, each one carefully designed to be right for your body.

The Core Body Reformer treats your body as a holistic unit.

The aim of the Core Body Reformer is not merely to turn the body into a certain shape or size but to make us feel vibrant and comfortable.

The Core Body Reformer is specially designed for women. It is extremely easy to use. No other piece of equipment can match the versatility of exercise equipment like the Core Body Reformer.

It incorporates cardio, strength, balance, and stretches moves which tone and strengthen the body. The Core Body Reformer provides a non-impact and safe workout for anybody handling it.

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For women who desire to have the feeling of cross-training and enjoy the triple benefits of dance, Pilates and Yoga would find them in the Core Body Reformer. There is no need for them to rush to a gym.

Core Body Reformer Features

The Core Body Reformer is a simple machine to perform almost all single strength exercises you could do at a gym targeting triceps, biceps, shoulders, and many other muscles.

For balance and coordination, you can combine yoga and Pilates using the machine as a step or block.

You can perform Cardio by using it as a step or by pulling the pulleys at a fast pace for anaerobic exercise to burn calories.

The Core Body Reformer combines the calorie burning of cardiovascular exercise with the metabolism-boosting feature of strength training.

At the end of it all, you have more energy, vitality, and a slimmer toned body.

Due to the unique design of the machine, the entire equipment can retract into the shape of a yoga mat. Weighing about 17 pounds, the machine can be carried about like a golf bag, placed under a bed, or taken in a car. Assembling the machine is a child’s play.

The exercises are easy to perform. The dance moves are enjoyable. Some of the exercises are kicks, arabesques, biceps curls, side squats, etc. Exercises are mostly performed by sitting, standing, or lying on the floor.

The foam cylinder is held in place by brackets. You have to pull the straps for resistance. There are three resistance levels of 3, 6, and 9 pounds.

There are many possible workouts for the Core Body Reformer. To make matters easy, these machines are sold along with a comprehensive set of instructions contained in a DVD explaining the many ways to use the Core Body Reformer.

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