How to Convert Your Smartphone into Spy Gadget?

James Bond has irrefutably impressed the many but certain are more obsessed with his stirring spy gadgets. If you are the one desperate for the spy gadgets, you might have one already in your pocket. Yes, we are talking about your smartphone that could easily be converted into a gadget to spy someone. All you need is a mobile phone app to convert your phone into a spy tool.

Though there are various apps and gadgets that facilitate professional spy agents, you just need one to be a perfect spy. You can keep eyes on someone’s activities remaining far away from them; listen to your target’s talks and can make a fuss of their secret plans just like Bonds. There are many other exciting tools you can get your hands on to get clues of a wrongdoing. Just install the mobile phone spy app on your device and your target’s and let the party begin.

What Can You Do With Mobile Phone Spy App?

The list of the thrilling features of the mobile phone spy app is wide. To give you an insight, we have put down here a few of them.

Listen to Target’s Conversations Distantly

You can listen to what your adversaries are speaking and planning against you. The mobile phone spy app lets you remotely turn on the microphone of the targeted phone and listen and record the surrounding sounds and voices. This idea is even greater than the earlier practices of hiding microphone or camera somewhere around the target.

Spy Camera

There is no need to buy a tiny spy camera to record what you should not but you want to. You can use your target’s phone camera to watch out what is happening around. It means you can use your adversaries’ tools against them and can make a fuss of their plans. The app takes pictures and records short videos using the targeted phone’s back and front camera on your command. These photos and videos do not store on tracked mobile’s storage but automatically upload to your app account.

Tap Someone’s Phone Calls

The spy app records all the phone calls received and made from the targeted phone to let you listen to your target’s talks. You can know who is calling or receiving calls from your target, what they are talking about, when and for how long. Moreover, you can get the detail of calls received or made through IM apps like WhatsApp and Line. The app accesses the call logs of targeted phone and delivers you information regarding call duration, call time, and contact information of caller/receiver.

Track Someone’s Messages

Similar to calls, all the messages either incoming or outgoing on the target phone also come to you through the app account. You can read complete thread conversations of your opponents and can see SMS logs showing the message time and phone number of the person who has sent or received messages.

Track Location

The app tracks the location of your target and keeps you updated about the current and previous whereabouts of them. Also, you can set multiple locations on the map to get notified if your target enters any of these.

Sneak into Someone’s Social Media Accounts

The social media activities of your target will no longer remain private after the installation of spy app on their phone. You can spy on their Facebook account, WhatsApp video call, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Tumblr, Telegram, Hike, Line, Vine, IMO, Tinder, Kik, Yahoo and other social media accounts. The messages exchanged through these platforms, friend circle and all social media posts and sharings can be spied on with the spy app.

Look at Someone’s Photos

You can see the photos, videos, audios and all other media files stored on your target’s phone without accessing that phone. Whatever your target captures, downloads and receives can be seen from the app account where all the media files on target phone get automatically uploaded.

Control Someone Else’s Phone

What if you could control someone else’s phone? You can do this with this exciting app. You can lock or unlock the target phone and control the apps installed on it.

Hope these features would have enticed you to use the spy app to turn your phone into spy gadget. You definitely can but keeping the spying regulations in mind.

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