15 Appearance-Ruining Consequences of Smoking

Consequences of Smoking
Consequences of Smoking

All those smoking are well aware of the pressing need to immediately cease it due to its detrimental effects on the functioning of vital organs like the heart, lungs, brain, and also sex life. Smoking also has a marring impact on one’s appearance.

Under-eye bags

Don’t we all abhor not getting adequate sleep and it showing up on one’s face? Well, according to results of a John Hopkins research, those smoking are four folds more prone than non-smokers to report a sense of discomposure and depleted energy levels subsequent to a night’s sleep. Night-time nicotine withdrawal can cause tossing and turning leading to sleep deficit and hence looking jaded and no-so-pretty.

Prone to Psoriasis

Rationally, psoriasis is an autoimmune-associated skin ailment surfacing despite never having smoked. But, those who do smoke raise their likelihood of developing crusty skin conditions. A study conducted during 2007 revealed that those who puffed a cigarette packet daily for a decade or less raised their psoriasis chances by nearly twenty percent. This smoking behavior when exhibited for close to two decades raised their risk to sixty percent and those crossing the 2-decade marker doubled their chances of developing psoriasis. Those exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke when pregnant or during infancy have been associated with a greater risk.

Gross-looking teeth

Who wouldn’t like to flash pearly whites? Those smoking might well have to abjure this wish as nicotine content in cigarettes causes discoloring and staining of teeth. So, alongside soaring expenses to buy and smoke cigs, one would also be shelling out bucks for tooth whitening sessions. A professionally done teeth cleanup procedure could lighten your pocket a neat five hundred to one thousand dollars.

Untimely wrinkly and aged skin

Though aging gracefully is a well-appreciated fact but getting a wrinkly appearance when way young is definitely not a welcome sight. Premature wrinkles would imminently show up amongst smokers as specialists consent that smoking hastens aging which makes smokers appear almost 2 years older than those who did stop smoke. Smoking hinders blood circulation that is vital in maintaining skin tissue suppleness and health.

Watch out for those Yellow paws

Nicotine content in cigarette smoke could not just cause discoloring and staining of one’s teeth, residence walls, but also infamous yellow or stained fingers. Though several homes cure like using lemon extracts, bleach solution, scouring the fingers with wire wool – a lesser discomforting route would be simply quitting smoking.

Thinning Mane

Smoking could be harmful to hair too. Specialists believe that toxins present in cigarette smoke could harm hair follicle DNA and produce cell-ravaging free radicals leading to premature hair greying as compared to non-smokers or even untimely baldness.

A Taiwanese study conducted in 2007 found that those males who smoked were nearly two folds at risk of losing hair in comparison to non-smoking males, after considering aspects that raised chances of baldness like aging and inheritance.


Nicotine present in cigarette smoke leads to vasoconstriction – blood vessels narrow down thus limiting oxygen-rich blood circulation reaching the small vessels in the facial or other body areas.

Hence, wound healing would be lengthier than normal, scars appearing more pronounced and reddish as compared to those observed in non-smokers.

All-encompassing Dental woes

Smoking makes one prone to a host of dental issues inclusive of oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth loss. UK-based research revealed that those smoking were nearly 6 times more prone to developing gum disease that could cause tooth loss as compared to non-smoking people.

Innate Face Radiance is lost

Smokers often have typical facial traits like creases, age lines, boniness, and greyish appearance due to carbon monoxide presence in cigarette smoke that dislodges oxygen in the skin, lowering blood circulation which causes dryness and discoloration in the skin. Smoking additionally causes depletion of several vital nutrients inclusive of vitamin C that aids in the protection and restoration of damaged skin.

Poor healing

Numerous research has indicated that those smoking failed to have favorable healing following surgical procedures like facelift, tooth extraction, and other dental procedures. Even cosmetic surgeries are not carried out unless the person concerned quits smoking.

Susceptible to Warts

Due to reasons not yet completely comprehensible, those indulging in smoking are more prone to contracting HPV (human papillomavirus) infection – a vast virus family that causes warts inclusive of genital warts. Though genital warts are contracted due to sexually transmitted HPV forms, cigarette smoking could additionally increase risk. When the number of sexual mates is also taken into consideration, woman smokers were almost 4 times more prone to developing genital warts as compared to non-smoking women.

Greater risk of skin cancer

Smoking is the principal reason for a host of cancers inflicting the lungs, throat, oral, esophageal, and even skin cancer. Factually, outcomes of 2001 research have shown that those who smoked were 3 times more susceptible to developing squamous cell carcinoma – the second widespread skin cancer form as compared to non-smoking people.

Lost Tissue elasticity causative to Stretch Marks

Nicotine in cigarettes leads to fiber and connective tissue damage eliciting lost suppleness that contribute to stretch marks.

More Abdominal Flab

Cigarettes do curb one’s craving for foods and frequently smokers had lesser weight as compared to non-smoking people. But a Netherland-based study conducted a year back revealed that smokers had greater fat accumulation in their viscera, mid-section, eventually raising their likelihood of developing other ailments inclusive of diabetes.


The oxidative strain on the eye lens caused due to smoking could augment the likelihood of developing cataracts. Factually a study has revealed that prolonged smoking could up risk to nearly twenty-two percent. The number of cigarettes smoked is a more vital risk aspect as compared to the lengths of time a person has indulged in smoking.

It is never too late to kick the butt for warding off all these negative impacts.


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