7 Chic Summer Outfit Ideas To Carry Abroad

summer outfit ideas
summer outfit ideas

The art of holiday packing is something that ladies all over the world wish to have a command over. Undoubtedly it is a difficult task, but let’s face it, people prefer the hassle that a piece of heavy baggage is rather than lack of presentable clothes. You will never find anyone who would decline the offer to look presentable while traveling. Holiday essentials are essential though the importance increases a lot more if your holiday destination is abroad.

An exotic summer-friendly destination demands a suitcase full of chic ensembles to travel in style. Stylish clothes that are equally high on comfort allows you to feel confident and pleasant on foreign land. From hanging out under the sunny beach to sipping on cocktails beneath the starry night, trendy summer outfit ideas will enhance the flattering side of yours without much effort. So what can be the perfect fit for your vacation?

Summer Outfit Ideas

We understand how confusing packing for a vacation can get, which is why we have compiled seven best chic summer outfit ideas for you to carry abroad. Fashion lovers will enjoy these outfits that are fresh as well as not too heavy on your suitcase. These include some of the hottest trends of summer fashion that you and your camera will wholeheartedly appreciate.

1. Shop the crops well:

Now is the time to flaunt the result of countless hours that you sacrificed in the gym while doing an incline chest press. A toned upper body allows you to show off with a variety of revealing blouses that are a great choice for summers. Crop tops are one of them. Your summer vacation suitcase would be incomplete without a pair or two of crop tops. This piece of clothing is super versatile. You can pair it with a skirt, a pair of denim trousers, shorts or palazzos to get the perfect summer outfit ideas. Seeking a sleek look or going a little crazy with bright colors, cropped blouses will complete each of your looks with its all-rounder skills.

2. Go with the flow:

Summer on a beach usually reminds us of chilled cocktails and the mellow breeze that makes everything flowy and soothing around us. So why not have our outfit as relaxed as the atmosphere? Summer’s biggest trend nowadays is flowy tops, skirts, and dresses. Mostly available in pastel colors and floral prints, flowy clothes allow thorough airflow in your clothes that ensure comfort as well as an overall light experience. Pick out a light-colored blouse to pair with your skirt. Make sure it is made up of a breathable fabric. If you are willing to carry one piece, then opt for a chic bohemian dress with a chunky necklace, and you are good to go!

3. Layer up your way through the sun:

Layer up your way through the sun

You are probably wrong if you think layering is something that must be saved up only for the winters. Layering doesn’t discriminate and has made its way to your summer wardrobe with its equal potency as it shows in winter. The best way to grab eyes in a foreign land with a great fit is to layer several pieces of clothing into a chic ensemble. Pair your usual denim shorts with a strappy crop top and a lightweight kimono shrug on top of the whole summer outfit ideas. Don’t forget a pair of high heeled boots to rock your fit.

4. Nothing wrong with a little quirky:

Vacations are all about de-stressing, letting yourself lose, and nothing can be apter than embracing the craziest side of yours during this unwinding time. Quirky summer-friendly outfits can be a great idea to embrace the unusual side of fashion that you have always wanted to try. From mixing different unmatched patterns to paring unusual fits together, this one fashion tip empowers you to go creative with your choices. Bold colors and quirky accessories will help you to accentuate your look so don’t forget to add them too.

5. Maximize your chicness:

Maximize your chicness

Long maxi dresses are totally a must-have in your vacation luggage. They are light and very easily provides you with a more feminine look than any other dress. If you are someone who seeks a comfortable outfit without compromising with the style, then maxi dresses are going to be your favorite. Get a pastel-colored flowy maxi dress for the day or go for darker shades in case its meant for an evening. Pair them with minimalistic pieces of jewelry. If you are aiming to get a casual look, then complete the whole look with sneakers and if you’re more on the sleek side, then choose your favorite pair of sandals.

6. Jumpsuit suits the summer:

An effortless way to dress up is to choose a pretty jumpsuit for yourself. You don’t have to spend hours in search of its better half to pair it with, its an all-rounder fit that completes all your needs. You can choose from the usual long jumpsuits available or, you can opt for their baby versions that are also known as rompers. Both are equally beautiful and easy to carry during fun times on vacation.

7. Denim is always in:

Fashion trends may come and go, but what will always remain intact is the popularity of denim. Trust us when we say denim, in all its versatile glory, can never go out of style. Seasons have nothing to do with its hype, so incorporating it into your vacation is without question, a must! Meant for top or bottom, there are a plethora of denim products that you can choose according to your likes. Designers are now creating denim sandals too that should compliment your summer outfit ideas. Drape a denim jacket to enhance your overall look, or if you are feeling a little bold then go for denim on denim look. Denim, in no way, can fail your hopes to grab attention from passerby’s on foreign land. Good attention of course!

Include these summer outfit ideas the next time you are up for a vacation to have that chic look are desiring to get for so long. Instagram is waiting for you to flaunt all your vacation OOTDs!


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