Check Out Why Cheap Hosting Plans May Not Always Be Right for You

cheap hosting plans
cheap hosting plans

As you browse through cheap hosting plans, you will come across the word free hosting. If you are a blogger in your spare time, free hosting is totally cool for you. You can go for WordPress, Tumblr, or any platform you are comfortable with. But if you mean to be bigger than that, or want to start a business for which you want an online presence, you need to invest some money into it. The moment money comes into the scene, we become a lot of cautious about what we are choosing. Choose a good web hosting plan for your new website.

A Little about Free hosting

Free hosting is good for some, who have a personal blog that will remain that way. It is good for web pages where people don’t even want too many people to be reading them. Also, you don’t get to access features like the control panel and feature add-ons. Free hosting can restrict the content bulk you are allowed to put up. It can even start making your web pages slower.

In addition to the speed and content problem, with free hosts you don’t get to customize much, you have to stick to the little options you have. There will be no support or backup for anything that goes wrong. Sometimes you can lose data because of policies and there is nothing you can do. Sometimes your account can even get blocked because you failed to follow some terms or conditions that you had signed up for. You don’t get your own domain name or FTP access. Free hosting doesn’t make you feel so “free”.

Most importantly, there will be nobody responsible for the security of your website running on a free host. You could lose all your data or your website can easily get hacked. Imagine losing your website or your personal blog! There was content that came right from your heart, from your life experiences. Now, they are all gone. They got stolen, and you can’t access your own data anymore. Do you want that? Nobody does. This is why you should at least go for a shared server.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a step up from free hosting. Even at this stage, you don’t need to learn much about the technicalities. But you do reap the benefits of the nominal amount you pay. You get to make some customizations to the website. You get security for your content. You get back up support for glitches. You also get ample bandwidth and storage for as much data a personal blog could ever need. However, if you want to go big, be known by tens of thousands of people, get a lot of inbound traffic every day, shared hosting isn’t your thing either. You need to invest some more money. Do not worry, if you choose a reputed company, you will not regret spending that money.

VPS hosting

VPS, or a virtual private server, is a part of a dedicated server that you have hired. You have ownership level access and control over just this part of the server. Unlike in shared hosting, other people’s data and traffic do not encroach upon your space. You are free to use your space any way you want. You are free to browse through some data center hosting companies and make up your mind.

There are two types of VPS hosting. One is managed hosting, where the service provider manages your space so that you don’t have to think about the technicalities. If you just switched from free or shared hosting and don’t know much about the technicalities, go for a managed hosting service. However, do invest some time in learning about the security, management, and bundles and control panel so that eventually you can take over the management and have more freedom. The service provider will remain responsible for the security but you can have your own team for the purpose as well. VPS is for those who want to take their business online and are all ready with a web development and management team.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the next step up from VPS. You get an entire server to yourself. You get everything you need for your specific targets. You do not have to put up with limitations from the owner, you are the owner now. Once you have a dedicated server, there is no looking back.

The right time

The dedicated server is costly though. So, you need to wait for the right time to make the VPS to dedicated server jump. However, you need to know when the right time is, and that is tricky. Go in too early, you will be wasting your money on the rent of the server. Go in too late, you might start incurring losses to your business.

For this, you can talk to an expert. A web host consultant or SEO expert will know when the right time is to take your websites to the next level. You need to specify your targets in the coming month and let them have a look at the current data. In fact, it is good to consult an expert when you are setting up the website. You need to make room for scalability while the website design is being made.

You also need to check out some data center hosting companies to find out which one is the most compatible with your needs. Once everything is set, you must use the SEO tools to track the progress and monitor the traffic flow. You cannot leave everything up to your SEO management team. You need to sit down with them at least once a week and figure out what is working for your website and what is not.

If you have settled for one of the cheap hosting plans that do not allow you to customize the features and settings according to the traffic trends, you need to switch to something better. Make the right decisions for your website. Invest generously, invest smartly.


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