4 Technologies That Will Change the Construction Industry Safety Game

The constant evolution of technology is tremendously influencing the construction industry. First, there were smartphones that made communication instant and therefore made construction teams more efficient. Technologies like Building Information Modeling improved how we visualize construction projects, which in turn made scheduling easier and reduced the need for expensive reworks.

But technology has an enormous potential to improve safety at construction sites. Reputable construction companies often hire outside specialists to perform quality assurance and safety tests, but even then you cannot rule out that your driver transporting the construction materials will experience a traffic accident due to a negligent driver. Don’t let the title fool you: construction safety is no game!

Companies realize that technology can protect both their investment and their workers. Here are some interesting technologies that can make construction sites safer.

Self-Driving Trucks

Driverless vehicles are our inevitable future. While the technology is still far away from being used in our day to day lives, it’s very much present in the construction industry. Heavy equipment giants like Caterpillar already have machines that can be operated remotely, allowing the operator to perform dangerous tasks at a safe distance. This will eliminate serious injuries from rollovers and other serious construction hazards. Self-driving trucks are still not ready to maneuver densely populated urban areas without a driver, but when they do, they will eliminate the risk of a driver being injured in a traffic accident, which is one of the most common types of injuries at work.


We’re seeing more and more drones used on a daily basis. From deliveries to shooting commercials, drones have also become a huge part of every industry. The same can be said for construction, where drones have an enormous potential to improve construction safety. Drones can be used to survey construction sites and inspect structures. They can quickly inspect the construction site and scan for potential hazards. They can also monitor employees to ensure everyone is safe. They can record videos and take photos to keep the administration up to speed with how the construction is progressing.


Another invention previously linked to blockbusters and video games, exoskeletons are being developed for use in various industries. These technological marvels will enable workers to lift and carry heavy objects for long periods of time and eliminate health issues like straining injuries. Exoskeletons developed by industry giants like Panasonic and Daewoo will use motors and sensors to assist workers with heavy loads.

Construction Site Sensors

Several companies have developed construction site sensors that when deployed across the site can monitor various stats like noise levels, temperature, dust levels and the level of volatile organic compounds. This will minimize the workers’ exposure to dangerous work conditions. These sensors will alert the workers if exposure levels are exceeded. This data can be analyzed to keep workers safe and make sure the site stays compliant with state regulations.

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