5 Top Call Attribute For Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is one of the major sources of advertising and marketing and a lot of new trends have made it more effective and relevant.

Mobile users are aggressively increasing and as for now both desktop and mobile users are the same. And is expected to beat the desktop users by 2020 as well. And so, when the device and the way people use to use and browse the internet has changed, how come marketing way remained unchanged.

digital marketers
Now for the digital marketer as well, you need to have some details based on those they will analyze the effort and result. And then take necessary action. We are going to talk about those call attributes here in this post. You can easily get these call attributes to form the Inbound Call Tracking software.

Let’s start and check the top call attributes!

Phone through rate

Phone through rate is also known as PTR and is one of the important attributes for the marketer to analyze the efforts.

Phone through rate is the number of phone calls divided by the number of times your ad showed a phone number. It’s the same as the CTR (Click Through Rate) but for phone calls.

Call Source

The source which has driven the call is also important to know as by this you will be able to know which channel is working well for you.

Using these details, you can identify the campaigns which are performing well and then focus on that campaign majorly leaving the non-performing campaigns. In this way, you won’t only save time but also money.

Top Keywords

Let’s say you are promoting through the Google AdWords and so you might be targeting different keywords there. This is sure that not all keywords will be performing equally. Some might give you better conversion while others might be just wasting your money. Then you can focus on those keywords which are working well for you leaving others. You can even focus on the SEO of those keywords for organic traffic and cheap leads.

Call Analytics

Digital marketers like us put our soul while driving the calls to the company’s number. But we don’t have control over what happened while handling the call.

And again, if those calls didn’t get a convert, it will directly come to the marketers as to why that didn’t get a convert. And so, you should analyze the call analytics to understand the reason behind this.

By doing so, you will be able to know the exact reason behind failing of conversion and accordingly act. This is a very much necessary step as this will decide the failure or success of the campaign and so should be treated precisely.

Call Duration

Call duration you can easily find from the call tracking tool that you are using. We personally recommend the market leader Reba here as the call tracking tool which will provide you with all these factors helping you grow business.

Using the call duration, you can find the interest level of the customer. If someone is not buying the product or service, you will be able to understand after what level, they changed their mind or didn’t get convinced.


These were the top five factors for the call attribution for digital marketers. Follow these to have a successful campaign for your business.

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