Build Your Own Garage Wine Cellar With 8 Easy Steps

Everyone loves to enjoy wine. Popping the cork and toasting with sparkling, fizzy wine bring joy to another level.

Wine lovers make sure they save the best of the tipples for the events but storing their favorite vintages is generally the problem.

How about converting your garage into a wine cellar? You may not have thought about it yet but trust me, it could be a great idea.

With your garage acting as an inventory, you don’t need to go out every time. Moreover, if an unexpected visitor comes, you know where to search for a drink.

The garage is one of the most common areas to turn into a wine cellar. Its main purpose is to provide the best storage environment.

Naturally, you’ll have to start with your plan, consider the materials to be utilized and how you can create the perfect storage.

Here are the points for your consideration.

1. Conceptualize The Wine Cellar Design

First, give a thought in designing the wine cellar room. Ensure that the cellar depicts your style. In fact, go for a 3 D design which can enhance the overall look of the garage.

With this tip in hand, implementing a 3D Design would not cost much. Firstly, enclosed the back half of the garage.

After this, I built a rack that can accommodate bottles of varying sizes. Use Mahogany built rack, as these are very durable to withstand humid conditions, especially of a wine storage room.

Apply cherry stain and a satin finish on racks to enhance the wood’s aesthetics. Also, consider the back wall by having a granite tabletop with an elegance lattice arch. This style allows you to put your favorite vintage on the rack.

Try to include a set of cabinets and drawers to keep wine tasting rudiments like glasses and bottle openers.

On the left of the wall keep a space for the installation of the cooling system. On the right side, make wooden cases for a magnum-sized bottle.

2. Say No To Glass Doors

The most important issue one will encounter is insulation and condensation. It is advisable not to use glass doors.

As glass is not a good insulator, so water will condense on it under high humid climate and even after a long rain.

So it’s more important to use conventional framed walls with insulation and vapor barrier in a garage wine cellar.

3. Avoid Metals In Wine Cellar Room

Surely, you could not risk your wine cellar room. So being on the safer side avoid the use of metals in the doorknob, lockset, and hinges.

As these things cannot be insulated, they are exposed inside the cellar to 55 degrees. In a garage of 100 degrees or higher, the warm side ends up having water condense on it. In more humid areas, it becomes worse.

Installing a simple storm door in front of the actual entry door will do the trick. As it creates a second barrier to minimize the condensation.

Thereby, making an airlock which forms an effective seal and thus protects your collection.

4. Mounting of cooling units

Every wine lover knows the importance of proper wine storage. Wines under the right temperature and humidity preserve their taste and flavor.

Constant temperature fluctuations can negatively affect the aging process of wine, and cause spoilage.

Inconsistent humidity levels dry out wine corks and damage the quality of wines, as well as encourage mold growth, thus deteriorating wine labels.

In order to promote graceful aging of wine, crucial components like a cooling system and cellar door must be thought very carefully.

The ideal wine storage temperature is between 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity levels should remain within 60-75 %. Most devices come with a liquid temperature that measures actual wine bottle temperature.

For wines like white and red, an air conditioner can be used. Also try to maintain the temperature below 60 degrees for fruit wines, to retain its taste.

5. Away From Sunlight

Wines must be kept away from direct light otherwise it could harm their overall quality.

It is recommended that lighting should be bright enough to read labels and move about the room.

You can use LED-based lighting since it saves energy and generates little heat.

6. Invest In Top Quality Storage Rack

It’s important to invest in a top-quality storage rack to facilitate the proper orientation of wine bottle.

The top-quality racks are designed in such a way that it holds bottles at an angle, which allows the cork to be inconsistent with wine.

Thus keeping the cork intact is significant to ensure it’s sealing quality.

7. Wine Cellar Flooring

For a perfect ambiance, one should take into consideration about the flooring. It’s important that flooring choice should be of superior grade in order to withstand weight pressure, from the racking system, wine bottles, furniture, and cabinetry.

Avoid carpets flooring because they contain fibers that can facilitate mold growth. Due to cool and moist conditions of wine cellars, carpets are also susceptible to staining and retaining dust particles.

To give your wine cellar a unique and exceptional look, choose recycled vintage wine barrels. They have some amazing features as they cast a natural red glow and wonderful brown tones.

8. Get A Security Feature For Your Cellar Door

Besides style and design, security feature plays a vital role. It is just not enough to have a door installed, rather include security features in it. There are many options available, the simplest one include the deadbolt lock. For additional security, you can go for the keypad locking system.


For many reasons, a garage is an ideal place as it is the right size to house one’s wine collection.

Firstly, the rest of the house will not be disturbed. Secondly, visitors can easily come and go and do not need to enter the home.

As this helps in keeping wine at its best before it is served and drunk.

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