The Top 5 Best Travel Apps

Best Travel Apps
Best Travel Apps

Technology has progressed so much that people are now able to utilize their own cell phones overseas with the use of SIM cards or just by turning off cell data. Due to the fact that travelers can still use their own phones in these ways, the best travel apps are one of the hottest new developments on the market.

These applications are constantly evolving. Some have been on the market for a few years, and many are connected to websites dedicated to the purchase of tickets and hotels. A great cross-marketing tool, applications also offer another way for companies to reach out to their consumers. Some of the most innovative best travel apps are those created for the sole purpose of making life easier for the traveler.

Here are the top new or updated best travel apps worth considering.

1. TripScout

TripScout already has thousands of followers on Twitter, though it has not yet launched its iPhone app. The concept behind the application seems so obvious—self-guided tours designed by locals! Qualified guides determine your itinerary, and (unlike other apps for sale) some of this app’s profit goes directly toward different causes in your destination city. This approach certainly justifies spending money on an iPhone app.

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TripScout offers audio tours in addition to trip itineraries, and you can customize your travel experience in accordance with the location of your hotel. The app also offers a very practical feature, providing maps that you would not be able to access if you turned off your data. This neatly avoids roaming charges.

2. City Notes

The City Notes app has launched its itineraries for San Francisco and New York City, but it will soon expand to other cities. There are even mentions of London on the site, so the expansion may end up become international. According to the New York Times, “This app follows a less-is-more strategy. It features just twenty locations [at that time], and presents them attractively without overwhelming you with features.”

The reason this particular app made the list is due to its mission to present the traveler with unique and lesser-known restaurants and other attractions. It provides information that a tour book will not likely find, showing you pictures of each recommended place and offering an explanation of why you will love the recommended location.

3. Gate Guru

Gate Guru is a must-have for the organized traveler. recently promoted its own version of Gate Guru’s concept, but that’s only useful if you purchased your tickets through Expedia. In addition, Gate Guru is free!

The app provides you with reams of useful information about airport travel. Travel schedules and rushing to find your gate can be stressful, taking away from the fun of flying. The app shows you where to go, what terminal you need, how to get there, any flight delays, and how many miles you have flown (among many other features that make your life easier). One of the most fun features is quite simple: the amenities list. This shows you which restaurants and shops are near you at the airport, as well as reviews. If you know your flight is delayed, then you know you’ll have time for a bite at a decent local restaurant near your gate!

4. MyTourDeal

There are many best travel apps on the market right now, but some of the newest apps like TripScout know how to differentiate themselves in a large marketplace. MyTourDeal has not yet launched, but this app focuses on the financial aspect of travel. Although some local places and classic tourist attractions may sound fantastic, you might not be able to afford a week of that kind of travel. Not only does this app provide recommendations and ratings for each place, but it also presents a money-saving opportunity—if you book a tour through a tourist destination with them, you can actually save a great deal. Tour tickets can be booked right up to the minute before leaving, or tickets can be bought up to one week ahead of your travel date.

5. Glympse

Finally, Glympse may just be the must-have app for family travel. If you have teenagers and your itinerary differs from theirs, the app can show you where your child is and indicate their estimated time of arrival. You can pick and choose who can see this information, and you can let someone know if you are just running late. The app is free, but it seems that all in your party would have to download Glympse in order to exchange information. However, accessing a map to your child in a big city might make this app worth a quick download.


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