The Best Things About Retiring From Work

things to do after retirement

Is your retirement coming up soon? Or maybe you’re just desperate for something to look forward to after a horrendous day in the office. Either way, there are tons of awesome things about being work-free and living up those pensioner years that many people don’t even consider. If you’re concerned that your retirement years will bring loneliness, boredom, and lack of purpose, think again. There are plenty of great things to look forward to.

You can live wherever you want. When you’re working in a specific place, you’re basically bound to that area (unless you’re up for an epic commute) until retirement arrives. When you finally can call it quits, you’ll have the freedom to live wherever truly suits you, instead of what suits your career. You can opt for luxury retirement living communities so you have plenty of social activities and people to connect with as you grow older, and choose whatever region of the country (or world!) most appeals to you.

There’s time to pursue your passions. Now that you no longer have to drag yourself out of bed first thing in the morning and fill most of your waking hours with work, you’ll finally have time to pursue the interests and hobbies you always wished you could dedicate more energy to.

You can get started on that novel or memoir that’s been lurking in the back of your mind for years, or take up a sport to stay fit that you never had time to pursue when you were working hard all week long. If you still want to bring in some income, you can even use your early retirement years to start your own business; using your experience and skills to become your own boss.

Commuting is a thing of the past. Sick of sitting in traffic for hours every day? We all are. One of the greatest things about leaving the working world behind is the ability to skip those rush-hour treks, switch the alarm clock off, and hit the road whenever you please if you want to go out somewhere. You’ll be amazed at how much transport money you save once the commute is gone, too.

You make your own schedule. Now that you’re retired, absolutely nobody can tell you that you have to do things on their schedule. You run your own life from now on; which means you can get up when you like, eat when you want, and take breaks all day long if you feel like it. Some people find that they end up wanting to keep a little structure in their day to avoid falling into boredom, but for the first few months of retiring from work, it can be wonderful to just embrace the laid back lifestyle and go with the flow.

The competition is over. Remember those years you spent chasing a particular promotion or stressing out over how you were going to impress your boss to make sure you got a raise at the end of the year? Retirement means you can truly let go of that stress and take the competition out of your life altogether. You can still have ambitions and goals, but they no longer need to take up so much of your time or cause you an unhealthy amount of anxiety.


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