Best Places To Visit In Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Treat yourself to a beautiful trip this year after all the hard work and overtime. No, you do not have to spend a fortune or go abroad. The cheapest Leh Ladakh bike trip packages available online will help you find the best deals for the best trip ever.

Go solo or go with your friends, but make sure you make at least one Ladakh trip in a lifetime. It is not easy to get to go to Ladakh. You need a considerably long vacation, at least a week. You cannot go and come back over a weekend. You need to be fit because the air gets really thin. In fact, you have to spend two days in Leh for acclimatization. So, you should take out time for a Leh Ladakh bike trip while you are still young and fit.

What to do on the Trip

Many people are of the idea that a Leh Ladakh bike trip is only for those who want to trek all the way. Of course, Ladakh and Leh provide the best terrain for aggressive trekking in India but that does not mean that this destination is limited to that. You can go for casual rejuvenating trips too. You can walk along the clear blue lakes and lie down in the valleys. You can take your children and even your parents if they do not have cardiac issues or asthma.

There are numerous monasteries you can visit in Leh and Ladakh. You would love the serene ambiance inside the monasteries. The sound of the bells and the hymns early in the mornings will fill you up with positive energy no matter whether you are an atheist, or theist, or whatever.

You can go for aggressive trekking, hitchhiking, bike trips, and solo trips in Ladakh. It is good to wait out the solo trip if it is your first visit. Also, if you are a rookie rider, you won’t be allowed to ride a bike. So, make sure you are actually ready for what you want to sign up for.

The Land of All Things Beautiful

There is something about Ladakh that will make you feel out of your skin and yet so close to home. It is heaven on earth. You will know none of this is an exaggeration of the beauty of the place once you actually visit it. You might think people who visit Ladakh are just more expressive or like to exaggerate things, but the truth is, the beauty of Ladakh can never be overstated.

Ladakh is the Land of the high passes, it is the Land of the llamas, and it is the land of mystery. At night, it is chilly and during the day it is so windy. Do you know when people say that if you are not a book lover, you just haven’t come across the right books yet? Well, Ladakh is the travel version of the right book. If you don’t understand the obsession with wanderlust and traveling, a Ladakh trip will change your life.

A Ladakh trip will make you realize that there are so many beautiful places you have to visit. You thought you are not interested, but Ladakh will get you hooked. Nobody who has visited Ladakh once has said: “Yes I loved the place; it was beautiful, but once is enough.” Ladakh is like the Lays chips. No one can have just one Ladakh trip.

For Familiar Visitors

Those who already know what I am talking about, I bet you had to check yourself from going on talking about Ladakh after your first trip. So, if you are planning to visit again, it is a very good decision. You already know how to get there. Oh by the way, for those who do not know, you can go to Ladakh either based on Manali, or from Srinagar, whichever you choose.

So, for those who want to explore hidden treasures in Ladakh, should go off the book and talk to the locals instead. They are usually helpful and friendly. Get acclimatized and ask around about some local places that tourists don’t know too much about and go explore those places.

You know that some places are off-limits. It is pretty much a disputed zone, so don’t try to get too adventurous. But there are enough places that you are allowed to go to but have never been to. Go for that bike trip if you are feeling ready. Hundreds of friendships were made on a Ladakh bike trip.

Bike Trips

If you want to find information regarding the Leh Ladakh bike trip cost, it means you are seriously looking forward to it. So, here are some words of caution for first-timers. Go slow, go with your team. Do not ride if you are not confident about your experience. Although the expert tour guides will know the moment they see you ride if you are fit to ride on the terrains of Leh and Ladakh. If you are feeling sick, let someone know. Do not ignore it. The air gets thinner as you go up. And your body doesn’t have enough time to acclimatize since you are on a bike and moving fast.

All this is not to scare you away from the Leh Ladakh bike trip, but just for precautions. Also, if you are renting a bike, check the clutch, check the brakes, check everything for yourself. If you are taking your own bike, make sure it is a heavy one with good tires for rough terrain.

You will love your Ladakh trip. It can get a little uncomfortable at times. You might feel a little shortness of breath towards the beginning. But keep calm and wait it out. Follow protocol and stay at a level to get acclimatized and you will be fine. Enjoy the best India trip of your life.

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