The Best Free Screen Recorder and Video Editor For 2023

Being a user of a computer or mobile device means interfacing with the information which businesses out there would like to share. As we all know, the modern era has this high demand for sharing the information to reach people’s mass.

You can do webinars, brand launches, business presentations, and almost every live-action efficiently and quickly while being on screen.

In compliance with the popularity and necessity of free screen recorder, you might pursue a one which can do high-quality and perfect screen recording and which shall be exactly as per your requirements.

Out of the pile of such software, here we are introducing a dominant tool Wondershare DemoCreator with its excellent screen recording and video editing features you can capture your screen happenings as well as record your webcam recording.

With this powerful tool, you can also record your live streaming so you can better point out the shortcomings and mark feedback.

Wondershare DemoCreator: A Perfect Platform

Wondershare DemoCreator is a complete premium toolkit with its built-in screen recorder and video/audio editor so you can get a perfect and ready-to-share output video which will be according to expectations.

It has all the essential features which can outrank your video content and make them stand out while being in the mountain of videos. You can customize your content contrary to what your field of expertise is.

This software has all you need from the fun part to the professional altering, so you can embark on your video project intuitively.

Free Screen Recorder

Free screen recorders to capture everything happening on your desktop

Catch what’s happening on your screen with the best free screen recorder. Whether it’s the whole screen window or just a selected window or area you’d like to capture, and whether you need to live stream that recording or save it as a video project, there are excellent screen recorders out there that are without any cost as well.

So, here in this section, we’ve rounded up the best free screen recorders for all your projects and levels of experience- from beginner to professional.

Whether you’re making a software tutorial for your YouTube channel, recording a Let’s Play video, or capturing a video call, there’s something here that’ll fit the bill.

Wondershare DemoCreator Features and Functions:

A perfect choice for your videos and screen recording needs, Wondershare DemoCreator is the best fit with its features ideal enough to bias you towards trying this masterpiece.

This software remains your ideal choice if you’re a gamer, YouTuber, lecturer, or just a viewer who seeks to review the screen recording of something worth watching. Here we have explained the top-notch features of this software in a nutshell.

Screen Recording Feature:

Wondershare DemoCreator has numerous built-in tools and customizable settings you can do without any limitations.

Here we have enlisted the top-class features which Wondershare DemoCreator has in its screen recorder.

Screen Recording Feature

  • HD streaming and recording
    You can record your screen streaming in High Definition resolution which makes this software a superb choice to opt for.
  • No restrictions on video length
    With this software, you can record your live streaming to an unlimited number of minutes without any restriction of lengthy recording
  • Record from screen or webcam
    You can also opt for its integrated webcam option which will direct you to record your webcam and screen at the same time:
  • Choice of output formats
    You have several video formats you can opt for while saving your screen recordings for future purposes:
  • Well-designed interface
    Wondershare DemoCreator free screen recorder has an intuitive and straightforward interface that has everything understandable for you.

Video Editing Features:

With the powerful video editing tools, Wondershare DemoCreator offers pro-level video editing features that can skyrocket your video views if you try its video editor tool that comes built-in with this software. Here are the top-notch editing tools you can try out.

  1. Mouse Effects

The effects stock of this software is just marvelous as it has customizable cursor effects that can bring your tutorial videos to the next level.

Mouse Effects

  1. Annotation Tools

You can try out outclass titles and text proportions to your videos with its fascinating annotation stock available in this video editor:

Annotation Tools

  1. Creative Green Screen

DemoCreator green screen video editor allows you to edit your green screen recordings as well which turns out to be a standing out effect a video editor has in its built-in version.

Creative Green Screen

  1. Stylish Sticker Effects

With this software video editor, you have plenty of stickers stock available for you to include them in your video content. You can add them from the sticker’s menu of this software.

Stylish Sticker Effects

  1. Various Caption Effects

Captions are what makes your videos understandable for your audience. Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to include as many as captions to your videos so your viewers can have a better understanding of your content.

Various Caption Effects

  1. Many other basic Effects:

Wondershare DemoCreator has plenty of other basic effects, you can customize for your video content and include them which will bias your audience to gather around your videos with the eye-catchy specifications.

You can try out its best transition effects, speed settings, slow-motion creation, volume enhancement, and much more right with a few clicks.


In a nutshell, this software can take your screen recordings and webinar recordings to the next level with its powerful editing and customizable effects. You can try out as many as effects available in the screen recorder and video editor.

You can use them well-accordingly as per your expectations and creativity as this software tends to enlighten your creative skills into a professional masterpiece which makes it worth a try for you.

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