Best Free Online Learning Platforms

In today’s date, nothing comes for free, but we have something called Free Online Learning Platforms, the learning platform enables each and all of us to learn and grow. The platform enables a student or a user to learn from any World’s part. It provides numerous online courses to every age of the user.

Some of the simplest Free online Learning Platforms are given below.


Coursera is a website that partners with colleges and Organizations to supply online courses in conjunction with certifications and degrees in numerous subjects around the world. It offers a 3000+ wide selection of all info and knowledge in multiple fields. Coursera is powerful and intensely helpful if you’re trying to find varied topics or courses to find out from completely different colleges and teams, then Coursera is ideal.

Open Culture Online Courses

The Open Culture online Courses provide the highlight lectures, videos, and podcasts from universities worldwide. The eye options material that is solely found on the colleges’ website is easy to browse classes. Despite visiting and looking at each university’s website, you’ll be able to get varied, completely different courses.


Udemy Free courses are another similar web site to Coursera, offering thousands of courses. Udemyworks with high professors and colleges, to boot offers to build custom courses from lessons to users.


edX is another online learning platform that permits users to find a vast range of courses in conjunction with the simplest tutors. The educational platform doesn’t charge any feedback from the user for the course offered.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is amongst the favored learning platforms that partners with post-secondary colleges. The platform provides a deep info Associate in education and well organizes an interface for higher learning.

iTunesU Free courses

iTunesU integrates seamlessly with the iPod or the other app-ready Apple mobile device. On iPhone, iPad, or iPod bit, users transfer the iTunesU app. it’s additionally convenient for the desktop users, as they will access the iTunesU on the higher mitt corner of the iTunes store. iTunesU doesn’t integrate with Google, humanoid, or with Windows mobile devices.

Harvard Extension

The Harvard Extension options free online education courses from Harvard solely. Harvard Extension offers to seek for the classes by skilled certification. It’s a lot of appreciated if you’re trying to find certification courses.

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Stanford online

Stanford online course offers self -paced and session primarily based courses. Whereas Coursera offers Stanford courses, the numerous courses available are through different hosts, as some courses need iTunes wherever some courses will get through your browser.


A Codecademy is a platform that is specifically dedicated to teaching code. Codecademy involves a live observer window, meaning you’ll be able to observe cryptography whereas viewing and learning the lesson materials.


Code is another platform almost like Codecademy that focuses on teaching code and App writing. The code additionally offers its learning options for teenagers. Code provides a large kind of technology courses as well as AI, Javascript, and app writing, further to the child-friendly choices.

University of Oxford Podcasts

The University of Oxford offers completely different podcasts, mainly the general public lecture series or lectures from visiting professors, with more recordings accessible. Advantageously, the podcasts are well organized into series, creating it straightforward and straightforward to purchase completely different lessons on one topic. It is a website that provides thorough and in-depth info on the course.


Another glorious learning platform is TED-Ed, a psychological feature internet series, encompassing, that comes to a website chocked packed with informative instructional videos. It includes spectacular animations, and every one the video’s fundamental quantity is 10 minutes or but 10 minutes.

University of London Podcasts

The podcast page showing on the University of London’s web site is a superb supply of free learning. (thewebsite|thelocation|the positioning) options the podcasts from its site, yet as from the eleven completely different universities in and around London University, because courses are restricted to podcasts. The site offers a deep-learning and wide selection of topics to learners.

National Geographic children

The National Geographic children are one of all the simplest free learning platforms, particularly for young children. The National Geographic children are an interactive and engaging website. The large kind of games, photos, puzzles, and videos that produce children fascinated by learning! For an informal learning atmosphere, National Geographic children don’t organize the materials into learning course materials instead of creating materials accessible by topics and mediums.

Fun Brain

The Fun Brain is another free online learning platform for teenagers that specialize in the vice and fun puzzles. The Fun Brain website considerably focuses on maths and reading, and if the kid struggles in queries, then it’s a valuable approach. The most straightforward part of Fun Brain offers rewards and challenges yet, and another website aims at essential learning experiences.


One of the spectacular and convenient free online learning sites is Memrise that options straightforward and outstanding learning. The simplest options of Memrise are that it facilitates the supply on each desktop Associate in Nursing an app. the location encompasses many alternative topics. However, a number of the course materials are user-generated. The unique half that produces Memrise distinctive is integrating the vice into the educational materials, merging learning with amusement.


LessonPaths is another glorious learning tool that permits informative, deep learning, and a far better free online learning platform. The LessonPaths is entirely different from different learning platforms because it facilitates its users to form playlists of their favorite learning materials noninheritable from various sites. The users will rank these collections, creating it straightforward to seek out and access prime variant quality and access completely different sources on given topics.

BBC Podcasts

The BBC Podcasts have more offerings to casual learners on various topics. Most podcasts are updated weekly and specialize in each subject, from sports to present affairs. Through the planet baseline of the podcast, it’s completely different languages. Those podcasts’ main target is a smaller amount of information and theory primarily based, thus accessible by casual learners.


The courses on online learning platforms are usually well organized and straightforward to follow. The platform provides a centralized dashboard wherever a user monitors his progress and collects lessons into complete modules. It is one of the best and most modest ways of learning.

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