Best Free Image Hosting Sites in 2021

In this post, we will tell you a few web image hosting tools. With these tools, you can collect and store your data.

Have you ever wondered where to store without using your device storage space, use, share, and even earn money off your photography? Here are a few web image hosting tools you should know about:-

1. Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos allows us to create and share albums with a group of people or individuals. It also has editing and backup features and the one where it shows us memories, and it can also auto-correct and collect photos and videos. It does not disturb the quality of the media in the process.


  • Allows to take cloud backup to save space
  • Who can use it to share with multiple users
  • Auto edit features
  • Free

2. Dropbox


Dropbox is mainly used to host files and images. However, it has a great cloud storage facility that also allows others to share the document to make significant changes when working with a team.


  • Cloud synchronization and storage
  • Files of sizes less than 50GB only
  • Efficient
  • Link:

3. Smugmug


An online hosting tool is free and specifies in images. It works well across devices and is not too hassle filled. Easy to operate and can be incorporated without much effort.


  • Responsive design for the adaptation
  • No limit to the number of media uploaded
  • Easy to share stuff
  • Link:

4. Photoblog

If you have ever thought of writing a blog, you know it involves text-primarily and some other media, but Photoblog is a site where the blog is mainly about photos.

Features :

  • Good compatibility with devices
  • Easy to use
  • It can be linked with other social media to get traffic on all your sites and businesses.
  • Link:

5. iCloud


iCloud is a cloud storage tool and an image hosting software that Apple Inc powers. It is a facility allowing users to save any files on the cloud. Who can use it on Mac and Windows PC?


  • 5GB free cloud storage
  • Can upload files up to 15 GB
  • Who can do collaborations with a simple link send
  • Link:

6. Imgbb


Imgbb lets you add images by uploading them to a website, blog, or forum by installing the upload plugin. It offers image uploading to any website by simply placing a button. It works like hyperlinks but for images.

Features :

  • You don’t have to code for insertion; it will be handled automatically by this tool
  • Can copy and paste plugins to websites
  • Works in any website and easy to edit content
  • Link:

7. 4shared


4shared offers users the highest-quality free online image hosting and sharing services. The software is designed to make data storage and access easier and faster yet less space-consuming to users worldwide.

Features :

  • SSL encryption
  • Free sharing
  • Free download
  • Up-to 100GB
  • Directly download via links
  • Link:

8. ImageShack

ImageShack is a free image hosting service that allows you to join and sync your mobile photos on iPhone or Android devices. It can also edit images easily.

Features :

  • Private sharing is effortless with this
  • Can sync your desktop to sync automatically
  • Quick upload
  • Link:

9. Imgshare


Imgshare is an image hosting tool that lets you add image uploading to your website, blog, etc. You can copy and paste the plugin code into your HTML code.

Features :

  • Image upload through a button placed on the website
  • Automatic code insertion
  • Plugins are edit-friendly and easy to use
  • Link:

10. Flickr


Flickr is a media hosting software that enables users to share clips. It assists in storing, sorting, and searching for online videos.


  • Convenient and beginner-friendly
  • Download videos
  • Sort videos as per your needs
  • Link:

11. Imgur


Imgur is a tool that helps users discover and enjoy the wonders of the Internet. It’s the best site that helps you search for various stories and GIFs.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Drag and drop upload
  • A lot of visual content for entertainment purposes
  • Link:

12. Freeimages


Free images tool lets us find and also download free photos for personal and commercial use. It offers different iStock Collection Categories.

Features :

  • Simple to use the library
  • Unlimited browsing on any desktop
  • Easy color conversion
  • HD image support
  • Link:

13. Imgbox


Inbox is a free image hosting service that allows users to store photos and images without consuming space on a device. Users can upload, share, and view images online. Millions of files can be hosted.

Features :

  • 10MB file size limit
  • Hotlinks available
  • Unlimited free storage
  • Link:

14. Cluster

Cluster is a private group sharing tool. It is very easy to access and use through any web browser. It helps you to create an output image and a signature file.

Feature :

  • Album making
  • Can invite people virtually to view
  • Sharing and commenting options also available
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Link:

15. PostImage


PostImage is an image hosting site for sharing images on message boards and forums. It is simple, fast, and reliable.

Features :

  • No registration required to upload images
  • URL can be used to submit
  • JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PDF, and PSD support
  • Link:

16. Free Image

This provides a web hosting service running on several Linux web servers. It also provides service bandwidth, which is available for this service without any charges.

Features :

  • Share pictures
  • Host photos
  • Hold an auction
  • Create galleries
  • Link:

17. Pexels


This tool gives high quality and free stock photos. It allows users to put photos on a platform getting millions of visitors to promote business.

Features :

  • Helps people find images for their use
  • Portfolio creation and management
  • Link:

18. Deviantart


It is one of the biggest online communities for artists and art lovers. It allows people to connect through art.

Features :

  • Short update posting
  • Easy to edit and upload
  • Easy and direct format of series
  • Quality retention
  • Link:

19. Unsplash

Unsplash is a platform run by a community that has provided a ton of their photos. The tool allows users to find several best free feature images.

Features :

  • Robust features
  • High traffic
  • Easy to find required images
  • Free services
  • Link:

20. 500px


This tool allows users to connect with more than 15 million photographers from 195 different countries to discover, get international exposure, and make money out of their skills.

Features :

  • Share your photos for free
  • Earn money when someone wants to hire you
  • Take your skills to the next level by the use of their products and tools
  • Link:

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