Best Cheap Wedding Tips

cheap wedding tips
cheap wedding tips

The big day is coming and you could not be happier about it, but there is still one thing that clouds your happiness cheap wedding. That is the thought of all the costs and all the money that is about to get spent and that would really come in handy for something better and for all the things that both of you will need in your new life. However, there are ways to save money and still make the wedding amazing and wonderful. Don’t spend the fortune and check out these fun suggestions.


wedding Rings

This is a very big expense when you think about it. Therefore, make sure that you think about other options before spending the ton of cash on cheap wedding rings. One of the suggestions is to try and find some amazing rings in the thrift shops. They can be gold and they can be old, and they have a soul. A lot of celebrities go with these vintage rings. Also, even a better version is heirloom jewelry that is more intimate and significant.


wedding Dress

It is always a better bet to find some silk and a good tailor than to go and try to fit in some already made dress. This way, you will have a unique dress that will fit you perfectly. Also, this dress will be far cheaper than all those gowns, but it doesn’t mean that it will be less impressive and less elegant. It is all matter of finding a good tailor, and you might just have somebody among your friends who is that handy with a sewing machine.


Some of the venues offer discounts for weddings and you should look into that. Also, you may want to check venues at smaller towns around you and take everybody there for your wedding. It may just as well be much cheaper to do that than to have a modest reception in the big city. It may be a bit further off your way, but renting a bus for your guests is not only affordable but very fun at the same time. This can prove out to be the best choice in many ways. Also, if your wedding is in summer or spring, you can opt for the outside reception and save a lot of money on the venue altogether.images


Time of your wedding can make all the difference when it comes to the price of the venue and all other things. If you plan to make it in the season of cheap wedding it may be a bit pricey, but if you plan it offseason, all the same venues will be cheaper and offer discounts. Also, the time of the reception is of utmost importance. Morning weddings will be cheaper than the evening and afternoon weddings, so take that into consideration.


Flowers are expensive. Five flowers per centerpiece can be just as easily replaced by three flowers and some greenery for a much smaller price. Also, figure out which types of flowers are better and cheaper. You will learn that, for example, you can get five roses for the price of two peonies and the like. Handmade centerpieces, even if they are made from field flowers and wildflowers can be just as romantic and just as beautiful, so don’t rule them out before purchasing some expensive decorations.


Plan your budget carefully. Think about what is most important for you and then focus your money there. This means that there will be some cuts, but you will have what you want the most and you will not overpay for it.

Photography and Music

It is very important that you have good cheap wedding photographers and good music. It is obvious that somebody will be snapping photos and a lot of guests may just be amateur photographers, but it would be great if you had one session with a professional, just to make sure that there are a couple of photos for the framing.

Cheap doesn’t have to mean low quality, just like expensive doesn’t have to mean perfect. Therefore, make sure that you find the balance between the cost and the price and enjoy the wonderful cheap wedding on a budget.

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