Best App For Buying A House

Nowadays, there is an app for almost everything, and buying a home is no exception. Thanks to the innovation of developers and our increasing dependence on our smartphones, buying a house has never been easier. Here are 5 top apps that will take the guesswork out of buying a house and help you to find your dream home.

As one of the most widely recognized and well-respected real estate sites online, it’s no wonder that has developed a handy app to help you find the house of your dreams. You’ll be able to perform searches instantly and have thousands of properties at your fingertips in seconds. The interface is simple, easy to use, and presented attractively without compromising efficiency. All the features you know and love on the site have made their way into this must-have home buyer’s app.

Comm Bank Property Guide

Commonwealth bank is known for its easy-to-use and highly useful apps, and CommBank Property Guide is no exception. This great app allows you to access past sales history and current property listings simply by pointing your smartphone at the house you are interested in. The app can also request a detailed suburb report which will let you read about the median price, capital growth trends, buying conditions, and demographics of the area.

Tap Mortgage Australia

This is the must-have app for everything to do with your new mortgage. At the tap of a button, you can calculate your transfer fees, stamp duty, and mortgage registration, as well as incorporate any first home buyer’s grants that may apply to you. In another neat feature, you can compare the difference in repayments if you choose weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

Listening to real estate terminology can be slightly baffling if you are new to the property-buying game, so this app aims to level the playing field. With over 3000 terms listed, you’ll be up to date and ready to discuss every aspect of your potential home in detail while tackling some of the more vague terms with professional ease.

Home Buying Power

Home Buying Power is a simple yet effective app that allows you to determine how much you can afford when purchasing your dream home. Input the data of your income percentage, loan terms, down payment, and interest rate then you will be able to view your buying power. This handy app lets you focus on houses within your achievable buying range instead of wasting time with simply too-expensive properties.

Being happy in your new home is as much to do with your home loan as with the physical house, and picking the wrong one can cause serious financial stress. If you’re looking for unbeatable value for money, low-interest rates, and flexible lending criteria, look no further than a home loan from Fox Symes. Fox Symes is dedicated to providing you with the perfect loan to suit your needs so you can spend more time enjoying your new home without worrying about your repayments. For a helping hand to find your dream home, check out these top apps and for the best in home loan advice, contact Fox Symes.

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