Benefits Of Eating Vegetables Everyday

benefits of eating vegetables
benefits of eating vegetables

We’ve seen that you need 5 servings per day of fruit and vegetables but few know how and when to put them into your diet to best enjoy the precious benefits of eating vegetables.

You should start each lunch or dinner with a nice mixed salad or with other raw or cooked vegetables. But why?

1) First talk

A meal dish at the beginning of the meal contributes to satiating before. After having eaten a nice salad, for example, your stomach feels a bit dull, and then the hunger stimulus will decrease first, which means that the amount of food you have decided to eat after can be reduced and this allows you to avoid eating more food than needed.

2) Nutritional principles are better absorbed

On an empty stomach, the body can absorb nutrients better, choosing to consume vegetables first means that what our bodies will find immediately available will be the best for him: water, vitamins, and mineral salts, elements that are often lacking in Our food, especially if it is hasty or unregulated.

3) Enhance digestion and reduce swelling

Vegetables, especially raw ones, are rich in fiber and low in fat. Furthermore, crude contains many enzymes that can stimulate digestion (which will be so easy) and at the same time help to mitigate that sense of post-meal swelling.

4) Slow down glycemic peaks

By assuming fibers before meals, you get a good result with respect to the absorption of both the carbohydrates and the fats contained in the foods you will eat later. In this way you also have to act on blood glucose control, avoiding the peaks.

5) They eat more

If you eat first a nice pasta or cereal dish, the place for the side dishes will definitely be reduced and often too much. Eat before the main course means eating more and eating at each meal, which is absolutely recommended to have the right amount of vitamins and minerals.


But what vegetables do you choose? You can start with a nice mixed salad were, in a mixed way, you mean that there are several vegetables so that you can enjoy more nutritional principles. To have a complete salad, the advice is to mix roots (such as carrots, radishes, red radish, topinambur), stems (celery), leaves (salads of all kinds and all colors, including spinach), flowers ( Artichokes, capers, pumpkin flowers), fruits (tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers). Do not forget to put a handful of oilseeds: sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flax, hemp, etc.


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