Beginners Guide to Brew Better Coffee at Home- 5 Tips!

Drinking a delicious cup of coffee at home first thing in the morning is the best thing to do. Sipping on a warm cup of coffee in the morning helps you be better at your work, more productive, and focused. However, there is no denying the fact that going to your local coffee shop daily to drink a latte or espresso is not budget-friendly.

And you don’t have to! Brewing coffee at home is not rocket science, especially if you are using pods coffee. The compostable coffee pod is the newest coffee trend, not only making your brewing experience at home convenient but environment-friendly as well.

If you are new at brewing coffee at home, do not let the process intimidate you. Here are a few simple tips to follow for making the morning cup of java perfectly at home.

Tips for brewing a perfect cup of coffee at home

coffee at home

27% of Australians cannot survive without coffee. So, if you are one of them and cannot brew the best coffee at home, try these tips.

1. Buy organic coffee pods or beans

Whether your preferred brewing method is beans or pods, make sure you use the best, fresh, and organic coffee beans/pods. Also, don’t buy pods or beans from the shelf. Instead, buy from a local roaster who can provide you with a certification that their beans are organic.

Also, when you buy from a local coffee producer, you are assured of the quality and freshness of the beans or coffee pods.

2. Make sure your coffee is by the brewing method

No brewing method is the same. For example, if you love coffee pods, you cannot use a French Press to brew them. Therefore, if you are trying to brew coffee at home, you need to start assembling the right pieces of equipment.

For instance, if you love espresso and latte both, you should go for an espresso machine and the right choice of beans. Similarly, if you love pods coffee, make sure you buy a single-serve machine and pods.

Every brewing method requires a different machine, coffee, water to coffee ratio, and brewing time. So, keep this in mind when you start brewing your morning cup of java at home.

3. Store them properly

If you are looking to taste a delicious cup of coffee, keep in mind that you need to store it properly as well. If you expose your coffee to sunlight or moisture, the taste will become stale or weird.

Even though compostable coffee pods are tightly secured, do not expose them to direct sunlight. If you do, there can be issues with the taste.

If you are drinking pods coffee, have a carousel to show them off and set your coffee station far from natural sunlight.

4. The water you use and its temperature is vital

To brew the best coffee at home , you need to use the best water. It means never use tap water for brewing your coffee. Tap water doesn’t mingle well with the minerals in coffee, and thus the taste is unpleasant.

The best water for coffee is bottled or filtered water. Use that only and also keep in mind the temperature of the water.

There is a right temperature of the water, and it is neither too hot nor too cold. So it is perfect for brewing a delicious cup of coffee.

5. Have few extra types of equipment on hand

Most coffee machines will only brew espresso. But, if you are looking to brew latte or cappuccino at home, you do need a frother. Sure, some machines come with a frother nowadays but can be costly. So, having an affordable but quality frother at home is essential.

Another piece of equipment that you should have at home if you use fresh beans is a grinder. Do not buy ground coffee in bulk. The flavor, aroma, and texture go away after a while. To keep them intact, grind them at home only.

The measuring scale is also something to have at home so that every day your coffee tastes the same. In addition, it will ensure that you use the right amount of coffee and water.

The feeling you get while sipping on a latte or espresso that you brewed at home is unmatchable. And with these tips, you can be assured that no coffee will ever taste better.

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