The 7 Best Beaches in Thailand

beaches in thailand

Undoubtedly the beaches in Thailand are famous and attract enough tourism; many people travel during the year to enjoy the wonders that the country of smiles can offer, either to rest on pristine beaches of crystal clear waters and white sand in which tourism has not yet taken sides, have fun on beaches with people up party or see for yourself beaches that are the cover of some of the films that gave Thailand that fame of paradisiacal destination, so today we bring you our Top 7 beaches in Thailand that you cannot miss.

#1. Phra Nang Beach in Railay

Phra Nang Beach in Railay

This beach is located at the southern tip of Railay, a peninsula located on the Andaman coast is surrounded by incredible limestone cliffs accompanied by emerald water and white sand, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and is A mandatory destination if you like climbing because you can enjoy this activity on the limestone rocks of Railay.

If you have not climbed in your life, do not worry because here you will find climbing instructors who will be happy to help you in your learning, you can get to this beach by boat from Ao Nang and next to Koh Tao is one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

#2. Maya Bay Beach on Phi Phi

Maya Bay Beach on Phi Phi

If you’ve seen pictures of the beaches in Thailand, surely a lot of them have been from Maya Bay, It is located in Ko Phi Phi, and this beach is famous for being the place where Leonardo DiCaprio’s film “La Playa” was filmed, which, curiously, is about a young backpacker looking for a paradise, what a coincidence, right? Nowadays tourists from all over the world visit this protected bay surrounded by three cliffs, without a doubt it is a place that you must see and enjoy for yourself.

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You can find many excursions around the Phi Phi islands that depart from Krabi or Phuket; I do not recommend spending the night in Phi Phi, it is usually quite expensive, the rooms are mediocre, and there is a lot of nightlife due to the number of tourists that go to spend “a crazy night” so the atmosphere is not the best unless you want to enjoy music and fire juggling accompanying the evening with a bucket (bucket with alcohol and mix of different soft drinks).

#3. White Sand Beach on Koh Chang

White Sand Beach on Koh Chang

This beautiful beach is located in Ko Chang, it has a long stretch of white sand, and if in Ko Phi Phi you said it was a more “party” destination in White Sand Beach, you will find more familiar tourism, it is the most developed and popular area from Ko Chang and much quieter than some of the areas that we will talk about a few lines below, in terms of accommodation you can find from 4-star resorts to quite picturesque bungalows, Ko Chang is located in the southeastern part of Thailand.

#4. Beach Sunset Beach in Koh Lipe

Beach Sunset Beach in Koh Lipe

The beach of Sunset Beach is located in a bay in KoLipe; it is also called Hat Pramong, it is a quiet area that will show you amazing sunsets, here you will not find great resorts but you will be able to enjoy bungalows and comfortable cabins, besides the occasional beach bar in which to enjoy our beloved Spanish customs, you cannot miss the sunset, that would be something unforgivable.

#5. Railay Beach in Krabi

Railay Beach in Krabi

The beach of Railay is bathed by the Andaman Sea in the province of Krabi and is accessible only by boat; it has limestone slopes that seem to split the sky in two, an incredible area for those who love climbing. It is a quiet and relaxing place; it does not usually have much tourism, which is a plus if you want to have a “peaceful” day. To get there, you need to rent a long tail boat and a guide to take you to it, a place you should visit If you travel to Krabi during your holidays in the Asian country.

#6 Ton Sai in Krabi

Ton Sai in Krabi

We return to Krabi this time to talk about the beach of Ton Sai, a perfect place for travellers with little budget, it is a quiet area with cheap accommodation, near this are some incredible places if you want to do climbing if you want to get to This beach can do it in the long-tail boat (the Thai wooden motorboat type) or as a second option an exciting (and complicated) trekking excursion through the forest of an hour and a half from Ao Nang. Getting to this beach is not easy, so you will not find many visitors in it, and it becomes a quiet place to enjoy the sunset in Thailand.

#7. Hua Hin Beach in Thailand

Hua Hin Beach

The beach of Hua Hin began to be built around this beach in the 1920s at the request of King Rama VII to spend his holidays; today, the royal family still has their holiday residence there, it is one of the favourite destinations of Thais, has an extension of 8km and is also quite popular with tourists, is located in the northern part of the peninsula of Malacca, a good destination if you are a golf lover due to a large number of fields that this sport has At least it has the largest number of golf courses so far in all of Thailand, in this area you will find much high-class Thais or famous holiday.


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